Operating a fitness business isn’t only about giving people somewhere to exercise. It’s about revitalizing lives, transforming bodies, and empowering people to become their best versions. That’s inspiring!

Starting a successful fitness business can also be about driving success for entrepreneurs. Investing in fitness business ideas is exhilarating in multiple ways—changing the lives not just of gym members but also the staff. Personal trainers experience the joy of their clients’ transformations because they’ve been beside them on their fitness journeys. That can be profound and inspiring, too.

So who are the best candidates for opening a fitness business? What types of fitness businesses are ideal? And where can you get your questions answered about how to start a gym or fitness studio?

Fasten your athletic shoes because we’re about to show you.

Who’s the Best Fit for Opening a Fitness Business?

How do you know if you’d be a great candidate for operating a gym?

You might love to work out, but you’ve never previously operated a personal training business or enterprise in the health and fitness industry. Or perhaps you know something about operating a business and keeping in shape, but you’re no personal trainer or yoga teacher. Are you ready to be a fitness business owner?

Or what if you have zero fitness experience but know how to run a business—you own a few—and the fitness world is lucrative? With the right fitness professionals, you could probably do it, right?

If even one of these is true, you could be a prime candidate for making a fitness business profitable!

Owner Type #1

The person with the most optimal background for owning franchise gyms is someone with experience with business management or ownership who is also a fitness enthusiast. You don’t necessarily need to be a certified trainer—that can always be achieved—but it helps to communicate and network with others to expand the business and grow your brand.

Owner Type #2

Enthusiastic fitness trainers can often translate their passion for helping people into a passion for running a business with the right people surrounding them. These candidates make ideal owners of gyms; they have the enthusiasm to learn an existing brand’s business model and bring that to their existing client base, and they have the skills to grow their network of people while following a franchise system that’s already proven to generate leads.

Owner Type #3

The investor-type fitness business owner may not necessarily be a fitness enthusiast, but they can see the potential in becoming a part of the fitness industry itself, and they’ll know how to find partners in the health and wellness industry to assist with managing the gym. This owner may be knowledgeable of the wellness industry from many different angles.

Benefits of Investing in a Fitness Business Franchise vs a Startup

What kind of gyms are the best to consider opening, a franchise, or a new concept you independently own? Both benefits exist; of course, you may have a concept you believe is wholly new to the fitness industry.

But there are advantages to operating franchise gyms.

  1. You can get started quicker! Some brands, like RiseUp Fitness, are actively seeking qualified investors to expand their locations. Once you match with a brand, you can start a fitness business much sooner than it takes when developing your concept.
  2. Franchise brands have developed a model for opening and operating their fitness businesses. Once you sign the franchising agreement, you have a playbook that helps you avoid common pitfalls in startups that can delay your opening and cost money.
  3. Investing in a fitness brand franchise means you join a team with the same goal as you—to help your gym become a thriving fitness center that changes people’s lives! An experienced team is on your side from the start, and you receive training, guidance, and continued support. You also have the opportunity to network with other franchise owners to learn from them and mentor the next generation of owners as you flourish!

For someone looking to open a gym, there are several key expenses to consider, some of which may be daunting if you take the independent approach and don’t have much experience operating a fitness business. These include:

  • Initial startup costs (including site selection and equipment outlay).
  • Sales.
  • Marketing.
  • Advertising.

It’s important to understand how the pricing structure of the memberships will support these expenses and how each of these factors will work together to grow the business into a thriving concern.

With a franchise model, these factors are all built into the model.

Investing in a RiseUp Fitness Franchise

At RiseUp Fitness, we focus on empowering people—not just our members but also our franchise owners and their employees. After all, helping franchise owners become the best versions of themselves gives exponential opportunities to others to change their lives.

Our franchise program has unmatched support to help our franchise owners launch their fitness business with distinct, results-driven, science-backed programs that serve a broad audience at any fitness level to achieve various goals.

We also give our members sophisticated technology tools to track their fitness improvements and challenge themselves in ways that keep their fitness journeys fresh and exciting. We’ve developed an extremely supportive and inclusive culture, creating an atmosphere of loyalty and camaraderie with our members that build our membership almost organically.

This gives our franchise owners a distinct advantage over other fitness brands while keeping the investment range reasonable.

With RiseUp Fitness, our franchisees receive the following:

  • Training, initially at our headquarters, then continuing beyond with onsite field visits and any necessary coaching to assist with daily operations.
  • Guidance with site selection, build-out, equipment, and more.
  • Access to our confidential operations manual as a resource for all operational procedures, reporting, marketing, etc.
  • Fully vetted and supported technology tools that make for streamlined operations.
  • Digital marketing campaigns complete with collateral that works hand-in-hand with your fitness business.
  • Website, onboarding tools, client tracking, and more!

The RiseUp Fitness franchise brings together an experienced leadership team with an established and recognized brand in an extremely supportive culture with an investment that includes multiple revenue streams. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Does helping change the lives of gym members and employees alike sound like a rewarding investment? Make a difference with RiseUp Fitness! Get started as the next RiseUp Fitness franchisee by contacting us today!