Thinking about how to open a daycare education franchise? Starting a franchise in this industry can be a smart business move for several reasons. First of all, it’s a robust industry. The market size of the daycare industry in the U.S. is worth $54 billion. Its growth is expected to continue as the population of children and infants increases and more women with children enter the job market.

What’s more, as well as being a rewarding business, owning a top daycare franchise also gives you an enjoyable way of putting your existing skills to use and gives you the opportunity to create a healthy balance between work and your personal life.

You may think that learning how to open a daycare seems like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Continue reading and you’ll find out much more about opening and running a KLA Schools daycare franchise. You’ll also see how we help you to break down the costs of starting a daycare franchise, how KLA teaching methods are keeping up with daycare trends, the training and support you’ll receive, and most important, the benefits of investing in a daycare franchise. So let’s take a close look at how to open a daycare.

What Kind of Background Do You Need to Open a KLA Schools Daycare?

You don’t have to have a background in education to learn how to open a daycare. KLA Schools education franchise owners come from all different backgrounds, from banking to retail. Perhaps, like them, you have a desire to build a thriving business while encouraging children in your community to embrace learning in a way that is enjoyable.

You will receive full training at our Miami, Florida headquarters. Even after you have completed your training, we offer ongoing programs and continuous support and feedback. So, even if you are a newcomer to the education franchise industry you can set up and run a daycare that you’ll be proud to own.

Training and Guidance Throughout your Journey

You will want to provide local families with the best education for their preschool children, and we give you the tools to do so. When you learn how to open a daycare with KLA Schools, you should not feel overwhelmed. One of the main reasons that our daycare franchises thrive is because of the training and support that we provide.

You will acquire all the tools you need, from guidance on how to open a daycare to how to market your business and how to interact with your students and their parents. Once your daycare is running, we are here to answer any questions and to offer ongoing advice. We are also dedicated to helping franchise owners as they publicize their business throughout their local area to encourage new customers.

How KLA Schools are Keeping Up with Daycare Trends

Parents want the best possible start to their children’s education, and daycare plays a crucial role in this. There are several current trends in daycare that parents are looking for, and KLA Schools is keeping up with them all. You can develop them all in your school when you learn how to open a daycare with KLA Schools. These trends include:

Preschool education: Recent studies revealed a correlation between early education and success later in life. As well as giving children time to play, your KLA Schools daycare will also offer fun ways to explore and learn using games and immersive projects that will keep them enthralled.

Interest-driven learning: One-size fits all learning is a thing of the past. Parents are looking for preschool education that tailors their child’s education to their individual interests or strengths. When you invest in a KLA Schools daycare franchise, you will be following the Reggio Emilia teaching approach, which has been a success with our students and their parents. Our educational philosophy offers a way of learning that is interest-driven, which makes learning fun and exciting for our students.

Learning through play: Another important trend utilizes play as a vehicle for learning. KLA Schools daycare franchises encourage different styles of play-based learning, such as learning through movement, individual play, collaborative play, and process-oriented play, which uses play to help children solve problems.

The Rewards of Running a Daycare Franchise

Once you’ve learned how to open a daycare you will realize that you can get a lot more out of it than just financial results. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in your community and helping children to develop a love for learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

You can also feel proud of the fact that you are helping two-income families and single parents feel assured that their children are in safe hands while they are at work. This supports women and men who would not be able to continue working if they did not have access to reliable childcare.

The Costs of Starting a Daycare Education Franchise

To own a KLA Schools franchise, you will need an upfront capital investment of $98,500. This covers the KLA Schools franchise fee of $78,500 and the site selection fee of $20,000. The site selection fee is paid in two installments, $10,000 when the franchise agreement is paid and $10,000 when the purchase agreement is signed.

This investment covers just about everything you will need to start a new daycare, including:

  • Initial franchise fee: this covers your training and business preparation fees.
  • Site selection fee: we guide you as you find you an approved location for your daycare.
  • Real estate costs: this covers the lease on your building and any modifications that may be required.

Why Choose a KLA Schools Franchise?

If you love working with children, running a daycare franchise provides a rewarding and meaningful vocation. When you invest in a KLA Schools daycare education franchise you can depend on the in-depth training on how to open a daycare, and the full support of a qualified team of professionals from your very first day of training, through the initial set-up and growth of your business. We’d like to talk with you about becoming a member of our team. Contact us today to find out more about finding a KLA Schools daycare franchise for sale.

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