The market for the best sandwich franchise opportunity is fierce, with big brand names with hundreds of units across the country.

Sandwiches have room for a lot of creativity in their ingredients, so many of today’s most popular sandwich franchise opportunities distinguish themselves by offering unique flavor combinations. Yampa Sandwich Co. elevates this to an art form.

Americans love a good sandwich, consuming upwards of 300 million sandwiches every day. What’s more, the trend toward healthier eating fits well with the best sandwich franchise opportunities.

Yampa Sandwich has embraced the high-quality, harm-free sandwich from the beginning, giving adventurous people craveable, portable foods that can be eaten while enjoying an active life outdoors or powering through a busy day.



Yampa Sandwich Co. began more than 20 years ago in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with a mission to offer patrons a high-quality, delicious, and portable food option that has a minimal impact on the environment.

Owners Peter Boniface and David Pepin have built a menu filled with inventive flavor combinations that are easy to take on-the-go and fuel an adventurous spirit.

Americans are more conscientious about healthy eating habits than ever, with 48% of consumers choosing their foods with optimal wellness and environmental impact in mind. The Yampa Sandwich Co. menu fills that demand with delicious, sustainable power foods.

Yampa Sandwich sources our ingredients as locally as possible to minimize our carbon footprint. This includes ensuring our high-quality ingredients contain no harmful additives, antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals, or hormones.

We care about where our food comes from, how humanely the animals that provide our meats are treated, and how sustainably all of our ingredients are cultivated.

For Yampa Sandwich Co., part of being one of the best sandwich franchise opportunities is stewardship of the environment and our impact on it.



Yampa Sandwich Co. strives to give our consumers what they crave: healthy, fast, delicious foods that fit nicely into a busy lifestyle.

But as any franchise owner will attest, the franchise model can also make a difference. We’ve worked with industry experts to build the type of sandwich franchise opportunity that fulfills the market demand well with sustainable business practices from the very beginning of the franchise agreement.

With a Yampa Sandwich franchise opportunity, franchise owners will find one of the most affordable franchise investments available. It begins with a $25,000 franchise fee, which is included in the initial investment range of $295,750 to $527,900.

An Established Business Plan

Yampa Sandwich Co. offers one of the best sandwich franchise opportunities based on an established business plan that has thrived in Steamboat Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins, Colorado for more than 20 years.

We’ve worked out the kinks to streamline the process from signing the franchise agreement to opening the new franchise location.

Our developmental team supports our franchise owners by offering expert advice on site selection and construction or remodeling of the restaurant location.

We also offer experienced advice on how to create a great team environment and build a rapport with the communities the Yampa Sandwich Co. brand serves.

Training and Equipment

Part of being one of the best sandwich franchise opportunities is starting out with quality training and sourcing of equipment.

During the opening process, we support our franchise owners by teaching them everything we know about making quality, craveable sandwiches.

This begins with an extensive 15-day training program that covers day-to-day operations, equipment maintenance, establishing relationships with local vendors, and daily operations. We also provide guidance on initial inventory ordering and the timing of placing orders.

Technology and Day-to-Day Operations

The best sandwich franchise opportunities also cover the technologies that help run a smooth business operation. Our continued support includes details on POS systems, inventory tracking, accounting, scheduling, and customer service.

Our exclusive operations manual details the important things our franchise owners need to know about running a Yampa Sandwich Co. location effectively.

Marketing Strategies and Sales Programs

A big part of the Yampa Sandwich Co. sandwich franchise opportunity includes ongoing support to develop marketing strategies that speak to the communities in which our franchise owners are located.

Our goal is to make every Yampa Sandwich Co. a valued and active member of their local area.

As part of that, we work with our franchise owners to market to local residents and offer promotions that entice customers to develop relationships with our locations.

We all have a vested interest in seeing each Yampa Sandwich Co. thrive, and being strong community members is part of that.

Our target demographic is very conscientious about their food choices, and we’ve built a strong brand name that delivers whole foods without many of the usual processed extras and additives.

We carefully source recognizable ingredients, including fresh, juicy vegetables, savory sauces, flavorful cheeses, and hearty meats that meet our standards.

Our customers trust that nearly every menu item we offer is a healthy, whole food without a list of unpronounceable ingredients.

They know that whatever they order, they’re receiving a health-oriented meal served by a friendly face in an active local business. It’s another reason Yampa Sandwich Co. is one of the best sandwich franchise opportunities.



We’re looking for franchise owners who share our passion for offering high-quality, harm-free whole foods that are sustainably sourced and support the environment rather than deplete it.

We don’t require our franchise candidates to have experience in the fast-casual restaurant industry, but those who have a foodservice background or experience with general business management may find this sandwich franchise opportunity more in line with their business goals.

If you want to become a dedicated owner-operator of your own business, love being involved in your community, and are committed to running an environmentally friendly operation, perhaps a Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise could be the investment you’re looking for.

We provide the training, tools, and delectable menu, and you provide the passion and savvy to bring a Yampa Sandwich Co. to your area. Contact us today to learn how to get started.