Starting a mattress business can take a lot of time, money, and research. But there’s good news! Read on to see how you can take advantage of a mattress franchise opportunity.

Opening a mattress franchise can offer many advantages. An established brand already has a reputation, supply chain, marketing plan,  and experienced mentors available to assist with common start-up questions.

This article will discuss starting a mattress business with a respected franchise, mattress business revenue potential, the benefits of having franchise support, and why people need quality mattresses.

Take Advantage of an Established Brand

Trusted franchisors like Verlo Mattress provide a mattress business growth opportunity for potential owners. They have already established a name and reputation for themselves and have years of experience available for your benefit.

By joining forces with a company that already supports a network of franchisees, you can utilize their established business plans, supply chains, and market research to help ensure smooth operations.

When you become a franchise owner, you can build your business on a strong foundation with the support of the tried and tested system developed by Verlo Mattress for entrepreneurs like you. This will allow you to focus on providing great customer service and growing your business.

Choosing The Right Location

As legendary British businessman Harold Samuel said, the most important consideration for a business is “location, location, location.” The potential of a mattress store relies heavily on choosing a spot where competition is reasonably low, and there is a pool of potential customers. Furthermore, it must be convenient and easy to access.

The franchisor will be able to advise you on locations that can help you develop your business.

Franchisors provide owners with insightful information on where to find the brand’s target demographic and the proximity of other mattress businesses in the area. In addition to assisting with market analysis as you choose your location, the franchisor can also help you prepare your store for opening and train you for daily operations.

The Financial Considerations of Starting a Mattress Business

The costs associated with starting a mattress business depend on many factors. Store size, location, and inventory requirements dictate your potential costs..  A franchise like Verlo Mattress has those figures ready to go, to help you determine your projected expenses.

The openning costs of a matress business with a retail and assembly store combination would range from $215,000 to $410,000. After you open an assembly store, you can open a satellite matress store. The satellite matress store ranges from $109,000 to $240,0000.

Create a Healthier Community Through Better Sleep

A well-rested community is a healthier community! Starting a mattress business could benefit you financially and could also positively impact your local area in many ways.

Good sleep patterns have been shown to boost immune health, improve mental health, and lower diabetes and heart disease risk. This can slow the spread of infectious illnesses like the cold and flu and help people live longer, fuller lives.

In addition to supporting healthier lifestyles, starting a mattress business can provide job opportunities and career growth for local community members.

Verlo Mattress: Your Potential Resource When You’re Interested in Starting a Mattress Business

We know building a mattress business from the ground-up is challenging. You must analyze the local and regional market to gauge whether or not there is a need for a mattress business. It is also imperative to understand the revenue potential of such a venture, find the ideal location, apply for the required business licenses, and more.

If you’ve considered starting a mattress business but fear that you lack the expertise and resources to do so, a Verlo Mattress franchise could be a great choice to help you realize this dream. Not only would you have the resources and support of an established brand, but Verlo mattresses are also truly a quality product you could be proud to sell.

Verlo Mattress has been the top consumer direct mattress factory franchise for over 60 years for a good reason. We provide more than a product – we offer personalized service to each and every customer.

From recommending the perfect mattress for a great night’s sleep to a lifetime comfort guarantee (our mattresses are adjustable over the years as consumers’ bodies change), we give our owners the tools to help them build a highly satisfied customer base. And, because our mattresses are unique and custom-built, no competitor can offer the same product that we do.

Our mattresses are made from high-quality, durable materials and are offered at reasonable prices. Verlo Mattress products and prices reflect our Midwestern roots and values that emphasize dependable, personable service and innovative, quality mattresses. We stand behind our mattresses and franchise owners, so they can operate their businesses with confidence.

Let us help you start a mattress business that could help you grow and become a community leader. We put our franchising expertise, industry knowledge, and established reputation to work for our owners.

If you’re interested in starting a franchise or finding a mattress business for sale and you’d like to find out more about Verlo Mattress, contact us today and let us show you how our franchise program can help make your dreams of starting a mattress business come true.

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