There’s nothing wrong with working for someone else. Lots of people do it. In fact, most American workers are employees working for bosses. Many are happy to do so.

But that’s not the right arrangement for everyone. Many of those who want more workday independence and control of their own destinies make the decision to work for themselves. This type of auto insurance business franchise can be the answer for those who are self-starters skilled at commission sales. It’s an entrepreneurial system that combines independence with support when needed.

Just contact Freeway Insurance, and we’ll show you how to get your own independent insurance agency franchise. But before delving into the how of owning your own insurance agent franchise, let’s briefly examine the why.

Why Should I Look Into an Auto Insurance Franchise Operation in the First Place?

An independent insurance agency franchise gives you a business opportunity with a lot of the hard work that’s already been done on your behalf by a parent company that’s already found answers and achieved success.

But before going into that, let’s start with the basics-the reasons why you might involve yourself in any kind of franchise operation, regardless of the industry. Then we’ll address insurance agency franchises in particular in greater detail.

What Can a Franchise Operation Give Me That I Don’t Already Have?

If you’re Dave and Kathy, “Dave and Kathy’s Auto Insurance” has a nice ring to it. And your start-up insurance company might someday be a blockbuster in the industry. It might be a brand recognized by millions of prospective customers. But that’s not the case today, is it?

One of the primary reasons entrepreneurs explore franchise opportunities is that someone else has already done the hard work in establishing brand awareness, building a good reputation, and putting in place a business model and work systems and processes that have already proven successful. You’ll get an invaluable source of much-needed guidance, especially as you start.

Because of its industry leadership, your franchise has a built-in customer base. Since your target audience is most likely already familiar with the brand and the products or services you offer, you’re not starting from scratch when introducing yourself to prospects. Your market might not yet know you as you start,  but they’re already aware of your company and have a good idea of what to expect. That puts you a mile ahead of where you’d be as Dave and Kathy’s Auto Insurance.

Okay, I’m Half Convinced. Now, How Do I Get an Insurance Agency Franchise?

You don’t even have to currently be in the insurance industry to succeed as an auto insurance franchise operator. The specialized skills you need can be learned and all necessary insurance certifications obtained. If you’re fully committed to the opportunity, you’ll become an expert before you know it.

What’s more important than industry experience is that you have an aptitude and a love for sales. A track record in commission sales will put you miles ahead. You should love to interact with your customers and have the ability to be persuasive when you believe in what you have to offer.

A good franchise operation should be behind your back every step of the way. They should be there to teach you all you need to know about the car insurance business and how to successfully operate your own franchise. You must be able to count on both remote and classroom training and on-the-job training plus support.

That’s What You’ll Get as the Owner of a Freeway Insurance Agency Franchise

Freeway Insurance is part of the Confie family of companies, one of the nation’s largest privately-held insurance brokerages. Confie insurance companies are known and respected by customers all over the country.

As a Freeway Insurance franchise owner, you’ll have a strong national brand and generous advertising support backing your efforts. We’ve earned a reputation and developed a business model that has won us important industry recognition. For every year since 2016, we’ve held one of the top spots in Insurance Journal’s ranking of Personal Lines Leaders.

And now we’re making a major push to add on to our 500 Freeway Insurance locations throughout the U.S. That’s why we want you to join us. As a franchise operator for an independent insurance agency, you’ll be an important part of this successful brand leader. You’ll have access to our large network of national and regional insurers, giving you competitive product lines to serve the unique needs of all of your customers.

But first, you’ll be trained extensively on the insurance industry and the operation of your own business.

In all of these ways, you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to extend the Freeway Promise: Delivering the Best Cost, Choice, and Convenience to our Customers.

Don’t miss this chance to earn our full support in starting and growing your own Freeway Insurance franchise, with solutions backed by our trusted brand and established business model.

Ready to Start?

You might be joining us sooner than you’d expect. All you need to do to begin the process is to submit a request to become a Freeway Insurance franchise owner. You’ll meet with a franchise team that will fully explain the opportunity and answer all of your questions. If you meet our requirements and are still interested in joining our team, you’ll sign a franchise agreement, and we’ll start the site selection process.

Ready to start? Just take that first step by calling us at (877) 822-3024 or filling out our brief online form. You’ll be contacted soon by our franchise team. We’re eager to make you an integral part of our growing team of self-starting and highly entrepreneurial car insurance professionals.