For many people, the idea of working with pets all day is what dream careers are made of. There are so many ways working with animals can be fulfilling. For some, that means running a pet supply store with grooming services. For others, the optimal career is operating a pet treat bakery or pet sitting service.

What are the top pet franchises to own and how do you know which to choose? Let’s look at what components make up a thriving and fulfilling pet franchise business.


While no franchise venture is guaranteed, there are things franchise owners can do to give themselves the best possible chance of success.

Find Your Passion

There’s a popular saying you’ve probably already heard: “Get a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” We all know this is a bit of an exaggeration, but the sentiment is true. When you love your work, it’s much easier and more fun to dive in every day and build your career.

Owning a pet franchise is still work, but finding one that matches your passion makes building a prosperous pet franchise much more fun.

Fulfill a Market Need

Market opportunities are everywhere. A key ingredient to opening a top pet franchise is bringing the right kind of pet business to the market that needs it most. If your area has many pet daycares but not a lot of supplies or grooming options, perhaps opening a pet store with grooming services is your best bet for a flourishing business.

Commit to Putting in the Time

As any entrepreneur can tell you, opening any sort of business requires a significant time commitment, especially at first. Your top pet franchise may seem like a lot of work in the beginning, but with time, building your reputation within your community and establishing your customer base can bring you accumulating rewards.

Part of the beauty of franchising is also choosing a franchise model that has already worked out the kinks of opening a top pet franchise. The business model, marketing plan, opening procedures, training process, and technology are already tried and tested for veracity.

This saves time and top dog franchise owners are often able to reap benefits from their business sooner rather than later.


1. Pet Resorts: Boarding and Day Care
2. Pet Supply and Grooming
3. Dog Training

Now, you’ll need to decide what type of pet franchise will make the best investment. Do you go with one of the most common top pet franchises in the USA? Or do you choose one that’s part of a niche that’s not as widely available in your area? To know that, we have to look at each of the top pet franchises and what they have to offer.

1. Pet Resorts: Boarding and Day Care

One of the most common pet franchises is the pet resort, which can include overnight boarding services, dog walking, in-home pet sitting, and daytime daycare. They’re most frequently focused on being top dog franchises, but there are pet resort franchises that focus on other animals, too. Some of these can be high-end resorts that offer pet grooming, making them more like pet spas than kennels.

2. Pet Supply and Grooming

Finding top-quality pet foods and engaging toys is high on most pet owners’ priority list. They think of their pets as family members, and as such, they want the best pet supplies they can find for their furry companions. With around 70% of US households owning one or more pets, that’s a significant chunk of the pet care market.

Pet owners are also becoming more discerning. With a number of pet food recalls in the last decade, people are more careful about their pets’ food than ever before. They’re turning to pet supply stores that carry healthy pet foods and varying dietary requirements. Pet owners are also looking for knowledgeable staff that can help them navigate the many varieties of pet foods available to know what’s best for their animals.

Having a grooming salon in the pet supply store has become fairly standard among the top pet franchises. The same pet owners that want the best foods and toys for their pets are also looking for reputable, experienced, and certified pet groomers who can make their animals look and feel their best. Having grooming services available while they shop adds convenience to the pet owner’s life

3. Dog Training

Another one of the top pet franchises is dog training. Dogs are some of the smartest, most capable companions, and there are many ways they can be trained to be helpful members of families or organizations.

As such, dog training services are among the top dog franchises for training dogs for hunting, police work, search and rescue, service work, or simply helping them become obedient family pets. The rewards come from developing a dog’s skills and from teaching pet owners the best ways to help their dogs behave. It’s a valuable skill in demand in almost every market.


At Pet Evolution, we believe we’re one of the best available franchises for pets. We love animals, and we’ve worked hard to build a business model that can help pet owners give their four-legged family members their best lives. Part of that mission is giving our franchise owners the tools and support necessary to operate a flourishing Pet Evolution location.

As part of our franchising agreement, you receive the experienced support of the Pet Evolution franchise development team. This includes:

  • Expert advice on site selection, build-out, signage, equipment, and initial inventory
  • An incredibly comprehensive training program that begins at our Pet Evolution headquarters and continues with on-the-job training for you and your staff
  • On-site assistance for pre-opening and the launch of your Pet Evolution store
  • Continued training and support visits to keep you and your staff up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge and trends as well as our streamlined operations and marketing strategies
  • Access to approved vendors for the best pet food, products, toys, and technology to seamlessly run your Pet Evolution location
  • Our confidential operations manual to help you with key procedures, inventory tracking, marketing strategies, customer service, office administration, accounting, security, and payroll
  • Ongoing marketing support that helps you build your local marketing campaign and website while we continue to build the Pet Evolution brand on a regional and national scale

Animals are at the heart of every Pet Evolution franchise, and our franchise owners are a key component of fulfilling our promise to our customers and their beloved pets by offering the best pet supplies, grooming, and washing services available.

If Pet Evolution’s commitment to animals and their families gives you the warm fuzzies about our status as being among the top pet franchises, then contact us today to find out how you can become a franchise owner. Become a part of giving pets their best lives with Pet Evolution.