Our pets bring so much enrichment to our lives. They make us laugh, give us attention, and show us unconditional love. It’s no wonder American pet parents spend a staggering $103.6 billion on their furry family members. Finding a trustworthy pet supplies franchise like Pet Evolution inspires loyalty in pet owners to return time and again for everything their pets need.

Pet Evolution Began as a Conscientious Pet Supplies Franchise
Given the size of the pet industry, there are a lot of products out there that profess to cater to every pet’s happiness. However, through firsthand experience, the Pet Evolution founders know better. When Rian and Mike were young, they both had pets that experienced health concerns, like chronic ear infections and food allergies. Because they wanted what was best for their animals, these experiences left an impression.

When Rian and Mike developed the Pet Evolution business plan, they set out to create a pet supplies franchise that only sold the kinds of products that would help animals thrive and live their best life. Much research goes into each of the vendors and products Pet Evolution stores stock. We also ensure our grooming specialists at each of our locations are expertly-trained and licensed to keep the standard of pet care high at every Pet Evolution pet supply franchise.


Our commitment to helping pets live their best lives begins with the most nutritionally dense, naturally digestible foods for pets. Each of our pet food vendors is carefully vetted, and their foods’ ingredients are thoroughly researched to ensure they are good for the animals they’re feeding.

We also created the four pet food categories in our pet supplies franchise to help our customers understand what types of foods their animals most benefit from and narrow down the options to the healthiest, most bioavailable foods. There’s a lot of information online about the best diet to feed pets, but it can be hard to understand and apply to the pet owner’s individual situation. By simplifying our pet food offerings into categories, we can help our customers weed through the research to find what’s best for their beloved animal.

But we didn’t want to stop at being a pet supply franchise only. Grooming is a vital part of a healthy pet’s life. Just like with humans, animals need routine grooming services to ensure their coats remain shiny and untangled, their nails are trimmed, and that overall, they’re happy. Animal fur can develop matted knots that pull and irritate the skin. Nails that go untrimmed for too long can cause injury to an animal’s paws. Regular grooming appointments can prevent these uncomfortable situations and keep pets happy and comfortable with shiny coats and trimmed nails. With add on services like teeth brushing, we can even improve their dental condition.

Pet owners can sometimes be a little skittish about trimming their pet’s nails, and for good reason. It can be difficult to get their dog to sit still when the clippers come out. For some animals, the quick of the nail isn’t possible to see, so trimming the nails can give pet owners anxiety for fear of cutting too close to the quick. For this reason, we developed a mobile nail trimming service as part of our pet supplies franchise. We bring the professional nail trimming tools and know-how to our customers, which helps pet parents keep on top of their furry family member’s nails. It’s one more way we go out of our way to assist our customers with all things related to pet care.


Pet ownership has skyrocketed the past few decades, with the number of houses owning pets rising from 56% in 1988 to 70% in 2020. With more than 90 million US households having pets, it’s no surprise the pet supplies market is booming. This can also make it difficult for pet owners to know where to turn for trustworthy advice from a pet supplies franchise.

A Pet Evolution pet supplies business for sale sets our franchise owners up with a thorough knowledge base about every product and service we offer. It begins with our initial training course, which takes place over five days in our headquarters location with intensive product training both in the classroom and in the store. The training is designed to help franchise owners answer the array of questions we regularly receive from our customers.

Our franchise owners report that they experience a high level of satisfaction from helping pet owners with knowledgeable, researched information that will benefit their four legged companions. It’s information they trust to help their pets live a thriving, enriched life. It’s part of our passion as animal lovers who operate a pet supplies franchise.


As pet supply franchises go, Pet Evolution’s business model is a tried and tested plan that is dedicated to enhancing the lives of pets and their families. It begins with a $49,000 franchise fee, which is included in the initial investment estimate of $424,500 to $598,550 per store.

As part of the pet supplies franchise investment, franchise owners become part of the Pet Evolution family, beginning with the comprehensive training program. Our franchise development team has also streamlined the process of bringing a Pet Evolution store to life. We offer expert advice on everything from site selection, store build-out, necessary equipment, and the acquisition of inventory.

We also give our franchise owners the technology tools necessary for smooth day-to-day operations, including POS, accounting, inventory, payroll, and security systems. Our exclusive, confidential operations manual is available for franchise owners for any questions they have about customer service or other processes within the Pet Evolution business model.

After their store opening, we continue to support our franchise owners with periodic on-site visits and ongoing marketing strategies designed to develop their relationship with their local community and build their website presence.

If you’re an animal lover and think owning a pet supply franchise would be a fun and fulfilling career opportunity, contact us today to learn about the Pet Evolution franchise model and how to get started as a Pet Evolution store owner.