It’s not enough these days to open a basketball league; the key is to offer more to your trainers and athletes. A solid basketball training franchise opportunity that combines technology, training, and personal attention is a cut above the competition.

Our brand was designed to develop natural talent and improve individual player performance. It offers an immersive and technologically advanced approach to basketball training and competition. Its winning combination sets the bar higher for the entire basketball training franchise industry.

The Benefits of a basketball training franchise Opportunity

The franchise industry is bloated with opportunities. If you are an athlete, trainer, or investor, you are probably considering a sports-oriented franchise. There are so many great reasons to start your own basketball training franchise. But be aware not all basketball training franchise opportunities are created equal.

The youth sports industry is big business. Families spend an average of $30-$40 billion yearly on their children’s sports activities. Roughly 50% of boys and girls (ages 12-17) participate in organized sports.

Basketball is widely considered the fastest-growing sport in the world, and the sports tech market is expected to grow another 20% over the next ten years.

We have developed an innovative, goal-oriented basketball training franchise opportunity combining youth sports, sports training, and sports technology. If you are in the market for a basketball training franchise, learn more about our impressive franchise system before deciding.

The History of Shoot360: A Brand Story

Shoot360 is a world-class immersive basketball training system combining skill development, digital gamification, and virtual competition.

The company was founded in 2012 with the vision of becoming a leader in sports training using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Shoot360’s proprietary technology combines cutting-edge science with hands-on coaching to create the optimal potential for each athlete by measuring and tracking each player’s skills and helping them improve.

The Shoot360 basketball training franchise opportunity combines a real gym experience with patented training and competition software. In addition, experienced baseball coaches are onsite to monitor and assist in the growth and training of each player.

What Makes Shoot360 a Better Basketball Franchise?

Shoot360 holds more than 30 patents making them the leader in sports training. Additionally, 67% of the NBA uses our cutting-edge ball detection technology to perfect player performance.

Some additional noteworthy stats that make us a better basketball franchise include the following:

  • 8 NBA and WNBA players are franchisees.
  • 15 NBA and WNBA players are investors.
  • 18 locations opened during the height of the COVID pandemic.

24 locations in 14 states (2 corporate locations/12 other franchise locations across North America).

Anyone considering a basketball training franchise opportunity should consider what Shoot360 offers in their basketball franchise package. Our basketball training franchise includes:

  • Technology-based Training is used in tandem with real-life coaching.
  • Proprietary Software – Our software fully engages each player, combining training fundamentals, tracking for improvements, and competitive play.
  • Computer Vision Technology is used by the NFL to improve player performance.
  • Industry Leading Design Efficiency to maximize revenue and ROI.
  • World’s Most Advanced Facilities to keep athletes engaged and inspired.
  • Robust Franchise Model – For individual owners or companies looking to invest in a basketball franchise.
  • Sustainability – Invest in a sport that has continued to grow since 1891.
  • Expert Coaching – Each coach brings their best to the table, challenging and mentoring each player to their ultimate achievement.
  • E.P.I.C. Values – Ethics, Performance, Innovation, and a Culture of Encouragement are the core values we instill in all our players.
  • Versatility – More than 30 franchises opened in just two years.

Jump, Shoot, and Score with Shoot360!

Shoot360 basketball training franchise opportunity has designed a financial package that works for franchisees. We operate on a startup mentality and support our owners every step of the way.

Our innovative approach to basketball franchises allows us to help new franchisees get up and running as soon as possible.

No other company has our innovative technology, basketball franchise patents, or advanced training techniques. We are the only sports training program to master the balance between on-court training and personal coaching to teach the fundamentals of basketball using patented technology and hands-on training to help recreational and professional athletes to achieve their best. Regarding basketball training franchise opportunities, Shoot360 is in a class by itself.

We have created a fool-proof formula for training to present athletes with an unforgettable immersive experience in a modern, innovative learning environment. Our facilities are world-class, and there is nothing else out there like it.

Our favorite rule of thumb is “Talent can only take as far as you want to go; Training will take everyone else as far as they are willing to go.” Shoot360 can take you all the way.