Did you know the ski business industry generates $4 billion annually–and it’s only done from less than 400 businesses nationwide? That is nothing but a powdery snowed mountain of gold for the right business owner or franchisee with enough passion for finding a ski business for sale. When you decide you want to own or work in a business that serves people, you have to possess a passion for what you’re selling or providing.

Here, at Shredder’s Indoor Ski and Snowboard School, that’s an absolute must because we create memories. As a family who loves snow sports and made a business out of that, we know a thing about owning, operating, and then offering a ski school franchise. If you have affection and joy for skiing and snowboarding, then aspirations to make that into a business, this is the place for you.

Of course, as a ski franchise, we believe we are doing it right at Shredder’s and would put any of our ski business owners in front of you to share that sentiment. We answered a question involving snow sports, “How can novice skiers learn to get on the mountain year-round without fear of losing money?” And that’s how this ski business was created.

Kids want to learn to ski in a friendly environment, and their guardians want them to know without the hassle of renting equipment, paying the resort fees, and praying everything go well. That’s why we create a unique indoor ski and snowboard experience.

Over the years, we have learned how to create a bonafide plan on how to own a skiing business. If you are searching for a path to make your love for snow sports into a viable and thriving ski business, let’s discuss that plan to hit the slopes together with these three basic but fundamental steps for making the next ski business in town, yours.

Don’t start a ski business without understanding your market

If you are going to start your own ski business, or start searching for ski business for sale signs, understand that research and analytics must be your first tool. Understanding your market is key to your success. Sure, opening an indoor ski school sounds fun, but if our market showed no inclination for the slopes, then Shredder would have failed instantly.

As a new ski business, you start with nothing and look to add something every month, every year. How can you do that unless you understand your market and the business? That’s a benefit of a ski franchise–we’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you. However, before your investment returns a substantial return, you still have to do your homework and allow data to guide you for the big decisions.

Ski business 101: who is your target market?

Back to what you will learn with data, an understanding of your market will help you personalize outreach and offerings. A clear understanding of your market enables you to develop your plan for success as a business owner or a ski franchise owner. You must have a few essential facts to master serving customers and future students at your ski school franchise.

There are questions you must ask yourself and answer, like

  • Who is your target market?
  • What services will you provide?
  • How much are your starting and ongoing costs?
  • What are the demographics of your future students?
  • When do you want to break ground and open the doors for your business?
  • Why would anyone in your market care about what you’re offering?

Those answers will form the foundation of your approach to your business–in this case, indoor ski school.

Typically, an indoor ski business targets people who live in areas without snow, or who have limited access to outdoor skiing facilities. This can include families with young children, working professionals, and retirees. Indoor ski businesses typically offer a variety of activities and attractions, such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, and more.

What to look When for When Buying or Leasing a Location for Your Ski Business

Another part of your market that is something you must commit to learning is the real estate credo – location, location, location. Where will you draw the most potential customers? Do you want to be where they can easily find you or develop a home that says, “This is where you want to be!”

For a ski school, you need to be near the snow. However, for an indoor ski school franchise, you only need to be in a market surrounded by snow. In this case, as a ski school opened in a prime skiing market, “If you build it, they (really) will come.” You are going to buy or lease the location in your market, so know the size you need for your audience and your building to house the equipment.

  • Will you have ample storage space?
  • Can your students navigate the open walkways easily?
  • Is there enough room for families of the students in your ski school?

Looking for a Ski Business for Sale?

As a partner of Shredder, we can provide all that we learned the hard way to you so you can build your ski business the easy way–with someone who has been there, done that, and created memories and profit to match. We know the equipment you need, and the space you need to buy, can help you find the best location and will help you calculate all expenses. You only need a dedication to winning and a commitment to help your students shred like a pro.