If you have spent any time around the slopes, “steez” is a word that makes you feel comfortable and complimented. Let’s say you’re gliding along with the hammer chutes on a new Lib Tech Orca when a group of snowboarders hollers at you, “Nice steez, bro!”

To someone unfamiliar with snow sports terminology, you might think they are talking about your butt. However, if you know anything about the snowboard business or ski business, you start puffing out your chest and feeling good about yourself.

You are here because you know something about the snowboard business. More importantly to us, maybe you have heard about Shredder Indoor Ski and Snowboard School? As owners and operators of some of the country’s most exciting snowboarding franchises, we also know something.

We know (better than most) how to use that “steez” for snowboarding business ideas and, eventually, how to start a snowboarding business. You know what steez is. And you have even shown interest in having a snowboard franchise of your own. (Because you’re reading this, that’s how we guessed.) Let’s understand how you can use that individual flair of yours to create your future in snowboarding.

1. Shreddin’ the Gnar

You know your city well – where to find the freshest powder, how to start a buzz in the snowboarding community, and what snowboarders want for a good time. This is your terrain, so why not make the most out of it?

If you’re in Colorado like us, you can rent gear anywhere. There is no way to stand out from the competition. But, what if you were to teach kids to snowboard with that steez? Yes, teach people how to love the slopes as you do? How else will people learn where things are hittin’ if they don’t even know that means were to perform a trick? They need skill. You have the passion. The perfect partnership for any business owner is to mix snowboard business with pleasure–your devotion for the powder and helping children gain that love too.

Where do you want to do it? That’s up to you–and if you want to partner with a leader in snow sports teaching–too. Shred that gnar, find your location, research your market, and start teaching families the love for the slopes you have. All you need to do is find a snowboard business for sale or just call Shredder. That’s a business plan to help you reap significant dividends.

2. Fight the Chatter

Do you know one of the parents’ greatest concerns about living in a snow sports market? Teach their children how to ski or snowboard on the mountain. You’re a pro out there with your experience shredding and showing other people on the slopes how to take advantage of the mountain. It’s possible you have slid right by someone trying to learn to balance themselves on a true twin beginner board.

That “chatter” can be seen coming down the hill. The person on the board has the jitters and shakes out of nerves, not because of the terrain underneath. For you, maybe that was someone in the way. For a parent of that person trying to learn, it’s a concern that you may run right into their loved one.

What if all those kids on the mountain could take their beginning snowboard to an indoor, year-round snowboard franchise and learn how to bypass the bunny slopes with confidence to do some shredding of their own? Can you imagine how you could make the parents feel with everything you know about snowboarding? They would be grateful and loyal to your snowboarding business ideas, refer their friends, and leave you a solid review. And that is something, not even money can buy.

3. No Yard Sales Allowed

Everyone is going to wipe out on the slopes at one time or another–even you. Did you go full “yard sale” and lose a ski or something? Were you embarrassed? Now, what if you can prevent that for some novice snowboarders? You know how to do that. Someone taught you the secrets to prevent a total wipeout. What if you could teach parents and children the same thing?

At a Shredder school, you can share that knowledge with everyone who comes inside your own snowboard franchise. All our indoor ski and snowboarding lessons help kids develop athletic skills that improve overall strength and coordination in their everyday activities – and start them on the road to a life-long love of snow sports. Children gain confidence both on and off the slopes, make new friends, and enjoy unique bonding with their parents.

And all of that will happen because of your steez and expertise. Now, we want to help you develop that business sense.

4. Stomp Your Snowboarding Franchise Now

When you take the jump and land the trick, it’s a “stomp.” You know that. It took a long time to stomp your first Ollie. Someone taught you how to balance, change direction, and snowboard with confidence. Imagine the impact you could make in a family’s life by sharing what you know with them. And, you don’t even have to be outside in the cold to do it. Enter snowboarding franchising. wint

Inside a Shredder ski and snowboard school, you could provide children and adults peace of mind, security for well-being, and how to appreciate snow sports as only you can. That’s what that steez could really do–create the next generation of snowboarding enthusiasts. They can have the same affinity for cruisin’ those slopes like you. Even better, what if you hit your favorite slope and see a student? How much pride would that create for you?

This is a list of ways your steez can help people in your community and teach others how to snowboard the right way. If you’re serious about owning a snowboarding business, call us about what you’d like to do with that steez. Shredder was started by a family and we continue to work. Ready to join one? Call us today!