When you think of a sports franchise, all types of businesses may pop into your head. There are soccer training franchises, physical fitness franchises, running franchises, swimming franchises, and so many more. The options are practically endless. Typically, a sports franchise is primarily based upon the real-world experiences and expertise of a former athlete or coach and can be heavily driven by those unique experiences. Shoot 360 has combined this type of real world experience and expertise with modern technology to create a sports franchise that’s like no other.

Would You Like to Play a Game?

Let’s face it, “play” is not what it used to be. Kids, as well as many adults, no longer go outside to play, but choose to play video games instead. In fact, video gaming is now the most popular hobby in the world. Additionally, one of the fastest growing segments in the video game market is competitive eSports. Of the approximate 3 billion gamers across the globe, around 200 million of them are in the United States and almost as many of the gamers are female as male.

So, what does this have to do with a sports franchise? Let’s dig in.

How Gaming Comes Into Play

With so many of our youth and young adults adept at playing video games, and so many of them engaging in eSports activity, a sports franchise that builds upon technology as part of the core only makes sense. Instead of trying to keep video gaming out of physical activity, why not include it and use it to build upon skills that are already there? Why not combine in-person skill development with gaming and virtual competition? Well, that’s what Shoot 360 has done.

  • Training is like playing a real life video game.
  • Players can track skills and compete virtually against other players.
  • Track progress and development with the Shoot360 app.

Technology Based Training is What Drives Us

With technology at its root, Shoot 360 has developed the world’s most technologically advanced and immersive basketball training and competition experience in a sports franchise. By combining computer vision technology, state-of-the-art proprietary software, and in-person training with professional coaches, Shoot 360 is fundamentally changing the way kids and adults are learning the game and improving their skills through the use of technology.

  • Over 30 patents designed for basketball coaching technology.
  • Advanced facilities and training technology.
  • Instant, objective feedback on Shooting Skills.
  • World’s first high-tech Passing Skill Court.
  • Reaction time, decision making and accuracy improvement.
  • Virtual Trainers improve body positioning, ball control, speed, and accuracy.
  • Virtual Competition against other players from across the country helps improve skills.

How Does Technology Impact a Sports Franchise?

Technology, it appears, has an impact on nearly every part of our daily lives, and it’s reaching into more and more areas every day, including sports. Data is used extensively to track athletes in training, performance, and growth. By building proprietary technology tools and integrating them into basketball training programs, Shoot 360 has created a sports franchise that masters the balance between personal coaching and patented machine learning. This type of training program can only be created with the use of cutting edge technology.

Getting in the Game!

It’s no secret that Americans love sports and immersive technology and data is changing the game in lots of ways. Sports technology is growing right along with the demand for data-driven decision making and skills development, with the expansion of eSports and analytics making up the bulk of growth in this area. As a technology-rooted sports franchise, Shoot 360 is perfectly suited to outperform in this arena $39-43 billion in business annually.

With a Shoot 360 sports franchise, you get industry-leading support from day one.

• Site selection, design, and buildout guidance

• Training for you and your staff before opening day

• Marketing and digital media to help establish you in your local market

• Coach training and ongoing operations support

If you’re interested in starting or managing your own sports franchise and want to be part of the Shoot 360 family, visit shoot360franchise.com to find out what it takes.