You’ve worked hard, and you’ve developed skills and a network of like minds who hope to move in the same direction as you. Now that you’ve invested time, energy, and passion into your career, you’re looking to invest in a franchise and find a construction business for sale that you can pick up and transform.

Finding, purchasing, and renovating a construction business for sale in NY, IL, or CO might seem ambitious, but there are excellent reasons why this might be the right moment to do just that. There are small construction businesses for sale all over the country, and a person with the right instincts and abilities could turn them into going concerns.

In this article, we examine the ways a construction supply business for sale has the potential to be a smart investment. You’ll get information on why today’s business environment favors franchise investments and the kinds of construction supply businesses that are always in demand, and we take a close look at how Temporary Wall Systems is part of a construction supply sector with a strong position to grow as a franchise model.

With our help, you’ll have a better idea of the opportunities available in the construction supply industry, and you’ll be better prepared to find your ideal franchise.


When you start looking at a construction business for sale that has potential as a franchise, you want to give yourself every chance at succeeding in your efforts. It’s natural to want to find a business sector that maximizes your chance at success, and you’re a canny enough entrepreneur that your investment in a company only happens after making sure that you’ve picked a market sector with a positive outlook.

This is a promising moment for anyone interested in a construction business for sale. And franchises like Temporary Wall Systems are well positioned to meet modern renovation and redesign demands. Increased attention to green, reusable, low-cost solutions makes temporary containment a potentially attractive investment.

A renovation boom benefits all aspects of business, and it makes finding a construction business for sale seem an even more attractive proposition.


One of the main concerns when looking for a small construction business for sale that you think might be a wise investment is whether the demand for those services or products will sustain for the foreseeable future. You’ll be spending your time and energy on the business, and it’s in your interest to make sure your work pays off.

Construction supply is a part of the construction sector that sees regular use, no matter the business climate. All kinds of companies need construction supplies, and there’s the potential to see sector growth of more than 15% over the next five years.

Construction supply is in constant demand, and the sector has several promising business models coming into the forefront. In the next section, we’ll take a close look at one exciting area, the temporary wall rental market, which has considerable potential for sustained growth.


We’ve established that the construction sector is poised for potential growth over the next few years, and you got details on how the construction supply business remains in high demand. We can now examine the temporary wall rental industry and learn how investing in it might be the right move for your future when you’re looking for a construction business for sale.

Temporary walls see use in a variety of business and personal applications. You’ll find temporary walls as part of projects in:

  • Retail establishments, as dividers to separate shoppers and renovation
  • Academic settings, to create offices and classrooms
  • Data and telecom centers, to separate secure areas
  • Laboratories, to contain dust and noise and maintain normal business operations
  • Healthcare, to create clean spaces that meet Class-IV ICRA and ASTM E-84 requirements

The benefits that temporary walls bring to companies across the spectrum make them a smart business option by themselves, and the temporary wall rental approach that companies like Temporary Wall Systems have developed turn them into a definite “must-look” for potential investors. Offering temporary walls as a rental option puts them within reach of more businesses and shows promise as a potential franchise model.


We’ve looked at how our current business environment is a promising one for investors who want to find a construction business for sale and make it a going concern. You also learned how construction supply is always in demand and the ways that temporary walls have become part of the modern landscape. And, we examined how businesses like Temporary Wall Systems are ready to bring a rental model to the temporary wall sector to allow more customers than ever to use top-of-the-line equipment.

Temporary Wall Systems is expanding across the country, and we’re looking for investors to help us rock the category and bring our customer-first approach to your local area. If you’ve got a head for business, are on the lookout for a construction business for sale, and want to find an industry with growth potential, we might be a great match.