At Aloha Poke Co., our premier poke franchise business opportunity is designed to make franchising simple. Our innovative yet simple, feel-good restaurant concept is all about quality food and healthy margins without overcomplicating things.

We’re in a Booming Industry

It seemed for a long time that the fast casual industry was dominated by big brands who served the same unhealthy food. Fortunately, there appears to be a shift in the tides as people are craving more feel-good, wholesome foods.

The natural health food industry is estimated at a whopping $42bn. More consumers are focusing on healthy, active lifestyles to avoid the issues and conditions of aging being seen in older generations. In this regard, the most prevalent issues that consumers focus on are heart health, energy, weight management, and gut health.

Aloha Poke makes this shift easy for consumers, as our bowls are fast, healthy, and delicious. Our ingredients are among the healthiest on the planet: lean protein, cauliflower rice, mixed greens, and fresh fruits and vegetables. We’re transparent about what goes into our bowls to keep our guests happy and full.

A Deliciously Marketable Product

One of our main missions at Aloha Poke is to help customers rethink fast food. We provide healthier alternatives to sandwiches, burgers, and pizza options. Our fresh and fast poke franchise business provides real nutritional benefits with superfoods that our customers can always see the benefit of eating.

We stand out from other fast food franchises in the best way possible. Unlike other fast food options, our poke bowls come together even faster and are far healthier. We feature ingredients that one can feel good about enjoying, as they’re both healthy and sustainably sourced.

Not to mention that our bowls are beautiful inside and out. They feature precisely cut proteins and colorful fresh produce expertly presented in sleek, modern dishes.

5 Reasons to Open a Franchise with Us

The Aloha Poke Co. poke franchise business opportunity is too delicious to pass up – that’s why we’ve made it accessible for pretty much anyone to invest in. We welcome everyone from fast casual restaurant professionals to investors looking to expand their existing business portfolio.

1. Our food is of high quality. Our menu is sourced sustainably and responsibly from farms and fisheries that are dedicated to minimal environmental impact. We take environmental stewardship seriously, ensuring our Atlantic salmon is raised without antibiotics and that our Ahi tuna is long-line hand-caught. Customers appreciate that our fish can be traced from fishing line to chopstick.

2. A fresh and focused system. Our customers order/pay first, then customize, before their bowls are packed at a lightning-fast speed, beautifully presented, and Instagrammable. The restaurant concept we employ is designed to help our franchisees grow their businesses, primarily through multiple revenue streams like dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and catering. Additionally, Aloha Poke operations can be run on a tablet.

3. Our franchise advantages. Our food costs, including packaging, freight, and other distribution costs, are at 28.6 percent. Labor costs, which include a restaurant general manager and benefits, are at 24.1 percent. When you use the Aloha Poke name, it’s instantly recognized as a brand synonymous with high-quality food and protected franchising territories.

4. We’ve seriously simplified things. Unlike other franchises that require many workers for food prep, extensive and expensive cooking equipment, and ginormous dining rooms, we don’t. We found that cutting these things from the franchising process makes things so much easier.

5. We provide all the training and support you need. Our experienced management team uses their skillset to help you every step of the way. The process begins with pre-opening assistance, ongoing support, access to our operations manual, technology platforms, and marketing support.

Choose a poke franchise business with Aloha Poke for a deliciously marketable opportunity.

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