Nursing is a worthwhile profession, with more than 4.2 million registered nurses in the U.S. Nurses make up the largest portion of the workforce in our county, and more than half of them (55%) work in hospitals.

However, hospital work can often lead to burnout. The hectic pace makes finding a healthy work-life balance and doing your best work more difficult. In addition, budget constraints make working in a hospital less lucrative and may affect patient care. A solution to the problem is a home care nursing business the way you’ve always wanted it to be.

Let’s explore the benefits of a home healthcare nursing business.

The Hospital Industry and Nursing Care Leads to Burnout

Due to the severe nursing shortage in this country, those employed in hospitals are often overworked, exhausted, and underpaid. Many nurses must work 10–12-hour shifts and sometimes double shifts back-to-back. Hospitals don’t provide consistent schedules, and nurses may have a floating day off that is never the same, making family time difficult.

The physical demand on nurses is often overwhelming without a lot of support. Additionally, constantly changing technology can make the job harder and require frequent training sessions to keep up.

Somewhere in all the hassle, patient care is less prioritized and may even suffer because of it. The good news is, there is a better way.

Why a Private Duty Nursing Business is Better

A private-duty nursing business provides nurses with a much healthier environment. You can take your time and do your job without the frantic pace of an emergency room or hospital ward. Instead, you can focus solely on your patients and get to know them in their homes.

Hospitals often make decisions about care, technology, and treatment options based on money. Private nursing care puts patients first and allows you to choose people over profits whenever possible.

Whenever someone has an accident or is diagnosed with a serious illness and needs to come home from the hospital, the family may be very scared about how to care for their loved one. Or if the family has a sick child that needs constant care, that, too, can cause a lot of stress on the whole family. A home nurse can make all the difference in that family’s life.

The healthcare sector is huge and growing as the population ages and requires more in-home care. Home care nurses enjoy a more flexible schedule, often better pay, and time with patients to do the job right using the right resources and treatment options. Plus, they get to know their patients more intimately.

If you are burnt out from hospital work, going out alone is difficult, but joining a home healthcare agency that believes in people first is a better solution. You could use your skills to make a difference in the lives of your patients without feeling rushed or underappreciated.

Nursing Business Opportunities in Your Area

Private-duty nursing offers many advantages if you are a registered, licensed or vocational nurse looking to invest in nursing business opportunities. Instead of starting from scratch, consider a nursing business franchise with a proven business model, business, operations, marketing support, and a reliable, trusted brand.

Consider your business plan for a nursing agency when researching nursing opportunities. What are you looking for? What is most important about the business? What values must the brand have?

Consider First Day Homecare as a home nursing franchise to invest in.

Why First Day Homecare is an Outstanding Nursing Business Franchise to Consider

First Day Homecare’s founders started the business to make a difference in home healthcare. Their goal was to impact the local community and provide missing services positively.

We operate based on a solid commitment to quality and patient care. Our agency is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) in Private Duty Nursing Services and adheres to the strictest standards for excellence. We pride ourselves on providing consistent, reliable, and effective patient care.

Whenever possible, we put people first over profits. That means nurses can spend the time necessary to properly care for their patients and utilize the best resources available to get the job done. In addition, we believe in three core principles: transparency, collaboration, and over-communication.

How to Get Started With Your Own Private Nursing Franchise

Contact First Day Homecare today to learn about our franchise program. We offer an outstanding franchise model with an effective, streamlined process to support the First Day Homecare staff and their patients.

Are you passionate about healthcare, nursing, patient care, and supporting families of medically fragile children or others with medically complex conditions and want to make a difference?

A First Day Homecare franchise could be the key to the meaningful work you have always desired.