In almost every town in America, there are pubs and sports bars that serve the local community. These typically fall into two categories: national bar franchises that can look the same from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between, or locally-owned, completely unique establishments where their owners have captured that certain something that makes a local bar and restaurant popular.

Bohemian Bull aims to bring you the best of both of those worlds with our bar franchise opportunities for smart investors. We’ve done a lot of the work that can cause challenges for most new restaurant and bar owners in the beginning, and we’ve spent years perfecting the start-up process for a Bohemian Bull pub franchise.

Our franchise owners get true Bohemian Bull backing and support from the very beginning while still retaining a certain amount of freedom with the personality of their bar franchise, so it appeals to their local bar and restaurant scene. It’s a way to make a quality brand match your local flavor in all the ways that matter.


What Makes the Bohemian Bull Brand Different?


Bohemian Bull is all about customers making good memories while surrounded by quality, locally sourced foods and craft beers, bourbons, and cocktails.

Our bar franchise first achieved its objective in Charleston, South Carolina, by working to capture the lifestyle and sizzle that makes this city come alive. We also recognize that other Bohemian Bull sports bar franchise locations will have differences from our flagship beer garden and tavern in Charleston. Our goal is to help our franchise owners secure their place in the hearts of the locals by appealing to each location’s unique energy and creativity.

This gastropub franchise starts with amazing food using fresh, quality ingredients that are as locally sourced as possible. The Bohemian Bull menu is intended to celebrate local flavors and tastes while staying true to the heart of what makes a bar franchise the place where patrons come to relax, watch a game, catch up with friends, or celebrate.

In our Charleston location, we offer 31 rotating craft brews every day as well as a fine selection of bourbons, whiskeys, and cocktails that speak to our customers. Potential franchise owners have the opportunity to hone their menu to showcase the personality of their location and provide their customers with memories and good times.


Bohemian Bull, a Bar Franchise that is More than a Menu


The Bohemian Bull brand’s second area of focus is on friendly customer service. When our customers walk through the doors, they’re greeted by warm, friendly smiles intended to make them feel at home.

Hospitality can be key to attracting and growing a customer base. With a high standard of training during the start-up phase, our franchise owners can rest assured that no matter where their sports bar franchise is located, they can bring the best service available to their customers night after night.

Hand in hand with hospitality comes cleanliness. People are more conscious than ever of a restaurant’s cleaning and sanitizing standards. If they don’t feel safe eating at an establishment, they might not be back.

Bohemian Bull honors our customers’ trust by keeping high standards of cleanliness in both the front of house and staff-only areas. Our customers don’t have to see a sparkling kitchen to know that their food is prepared in one. They can tell by how clean the dining areas, bar, restrooms, and beer gardens are kept.

The final focus that makes a Bohemian Bull bar franchise a promising investment opportunity is our welcoming atmosphere. By infusing the personality of the local lifestyle into our establishment, our customers feel it as soon as they walk in the door: that appeal of something special that keeps them coming back for more.

Our friendly staff, energetic atmosphere, spacious indoor and outdoor seating, and our commitment to serving local flavors on both the food and bar menus has helped make s Bohemian Bull a favorite in Charleston. It can become a favorite in your town, too.


What Does it Take to Open a Bohemian Bull Bar Franchise?


Bohemian Bull can be affordable in comparison to other bar franchise and beer garden franchise opportunities.

Here’s what potential Bohemian Bull franchise owners should plan on having to qualify.

  • The ability to make a $390,700 estimated initial investment of  $390,700, including an initial franchise fee of $50,000
  • A net worth of at least $500,000
  • $150,000 in liquid capital

Our owners have the freedom to put their personalized stamp on their Bohemian Bull bar franchises. The right space can make all the difference in the atmosphere you cultivate to capture your town’s personality and electricity.

We don’t believe every location should be a carbon copy of our flagship bar. We want you to fill your pub franchise with your community’s spark, energy, and theme to capture the region’s tastes.

For example, if you’re located in a college town, we would love for you to incorporate the school’s colors into your beer garden’s aesthetic. We’ll work with you to maintain the Bohemian Bull brand aesthetic while still showcasing your bar franchise’s local flavor and creativity.

During your start-up phase, you’ll be backed by a dedicated management team that’s been there from the start of the Bohemian Bull journey to help you get your business off the ground. We’ll assist you with finding local vendors to capture the flavor of your menu that speaks to your area. You’ll also receive marketing support and guidance on training and staffing as you open your Bohemian Bull beer garden.


Pub Franchises: Common Questions to Get Started

If you’re eager to begin a bar franchise, you may have some questions. We offer support beyond your grand opening with marketing training and technologies to continue promoting the brand effectively. We stay active in these efforts on your behalf.

Our franchise owners should be as passionate about the business as we are, and we hope to bring on potential owners who are excited about the hands-on work that goes into opening and operating a Bohemian Bull location.

At Bohemian Bull, we’ll consider anyone interested in a franchise relationship, although those prospective owners who have some sort of restaurant management experience may find the onboarding and opening processes more familiar and easier to navigate. As long as you share our values for quality food and unparalleled customer service, and have the financial capabilities to make the necessary investment, we welcome the opportunity to explore this exciting pub franchise offering with you.