Life is unpredictable: Eat dessert first!

This important advice inspired Fat Cupcake’s founder to start her first bakery at age 24. She built that bakery on a foundation of love, dedication and passion – and saw her small shop grow into a thriving business. Fueled by Fat Cupcake’s joyful personality, delicious recipes that are perfectly prepared, and America’s fervor for cupcakes, these cupcake franchise opportunities are more than a business.

Fall in love with the Fat Cupcake franchise opportunities

Fat Cupcake began from a love of cupcakes – and a desire to be in business for ourselves. From the beginning, we wanted to love where we work and build a business that could be professionally rewarding while still being fun.

It’s true: we love cupcakes! And we let that love show in every aspect of the Fat Cupcake brand. Our vibrant bakeries show off our colorful character. Our recipes are creative and delicious. Even our name expresses the scale of our commitment to cupcakes.

We’ve also proven that a Fat Cupcake franchise opportunity can be rewarding. Dessert is a big deal – and cupcakes are an affordable, indulgent treat that people can’t get enough of. Consumers continue to turn to specialty bakeries for selections that are out of the ordinary. Our unique cupcake bakeries give customers the chance to enjoy their favorite any time they’re seeking something sweet or want to share a treat with someone they love. They may be small in size, but cupcakes can make a big impact on a business’s bottom line.

By choosing a cupcake franchise, you’re taking the guesswork out of getting started. Fat Cupcake business franchise provides an established business plan, guidelines and other assets. You can have your own business, but you won’t be in business alone.

If you’re ready for the freedom and opportunity of being your own boss in a sweet business that you love, take a closer look at Fat Cupcake franchises.

A cupcake franchise for sale for every day – and wedding days

Another way Fat Cupcake franchise opportunities turn into good business is through our wedding clients. In recent years, brides and grooms have been moving away from traditional oversized cakes and moving toward new traditions. A smaller signature cake for slicing is accompanied by dramatic tablescapes of themed and beautiful cupcakes. Fat Cupcake works with many couples to design cake and cupcake desserts that make their happy day complete. It’s an additional potential revenue stream for our cupcake franchise owners that can also extend brand awareness in the market.

Speaking of cakes, Fat Cupcake bakeries make full-size cakes, too. Our signature cupcake flavors are baked into dramatic and decadent centerpieces that feature . When a cupcake isn’t enough, customers love a classic cake with the Fat Cupcake twist, and these upscale cakes can command a premium price.

“Fat Cupcake exists to exceed expectations by nurturing a personal culture, facilitating an eclectic atmosphere and creating freshly unique, decadent treats.”

Dedicated to our cupcake franchise family

Fat Cupcake is dedicated to our customers. We strive to make each experience memorable, from the first step inside our bakeries through the last bit of frosting. We’re proud to be an eclectic, joyful family.

Fat Cupcake franchise owners are part of that family too. We give you all the ingredients you need to start and manage your Fat Cupcake franchise.

Location – Site selection assistance, and interior design featuring our signature color palette and design elements

Training – Initial in-depth onboarding plus ongoing coaching and mentoring

Marketing – Engaging videos, eye-catching content and more to develop a loyal following

Kitchen – Product knowledge, baking and decorating instruction for all our designs

Our baking and decorating team is here to make sure you have everything you need to master each creation, and our founder and franchise coordinator support the management and administrative side of your business. Together we’ll help you bring a Fat Cupcake franchise opportunity to life.

Passionate about cake? Our cupcake franchises are too!

Fat Cupcake is all about the cake. We’re passionate about dessert – specifically cupcakes! – and our franchise owners are too. Our bakers and decorators explore exciting ways to expand cake and frosting flavors and combinations. Each one is designed to delight our customers and treat their tastebuds to something they can’t get anywhere else.

Where else can cupcake afficionados find the Charlie, the chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter cup baked inside? Or the Lemon Doodle, with its sugar cookie baked on top? Vegan and wheat-free options mean every cupcake fan has delicious options when visiting a Fat Cupcake franchise.

Fat Cupcake franchise opportunities give owners the chance to satisfy cupcake fans all year long. Our menu includes popular varieties available every day, plus sensational seasonal options that sell out fast. Customers are consistently trying a new treat or enjoying a favorite – that means traffic is steady.

What goes into each cupcake is important, too. Our bakers use only the finest ingredients and precise baking techniques to guarantee a perfect cupcake every time. And our famous buttercream? It’s always made with real butter, never any substitutions.

Are you as passionate about high-quality baking with extraordinary results as we are? Fat Cupcake is a cupcake franchise opportunity you’ll love.

Fat Cupcake franchise opportunities are available now

It’s pretty simple. We’re looking for franchise owners who love cupcakes, are dedicated to bakery customers, and are passionate about business. Our Fat Cupcake franchise owners are also committed to making an impact in their local communities, donating hundred of cupcakes and generating lots of goodwill. Make a career choice that’s more than just business – it’s also love, dedication and passion, all in a Fat Cupcake franchise.