Business ownership is a goal sought by entrepreneurs all over the U.S. for its many benefits. Entrepreneurs and the business-minded dream of being their own bosses, building a legacy to share with others, or utilizing business ownership as an investment to accomplish their retirement goals.

It’s a giant undertaking – brand and logo creation and registrations, real estate, financing, inventory and business management, staffing, payroll, marketing, and more. Business concepts that involve public health add another layer to consider – those involving food, sport/recreation, wellness, or medical products and services – require licensing or certifications and are more heavily regulated. Opening a business on your own may sound like a good idea, but often entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the many details they hadn’t  considered.

The franchising industry provides those eager to become business owners an opportunity to do so without as many of the headaches. Franchise business models, regulated by the Federal Trade Commission,  are defined as 1) business systems that allow the right to operate a business under its trademark, including offering services or products associated with that trademark, 2) guidelines set by the business to be adhered to by the franchisee, 3) all for a paid investment as spelled out in a legal document called a Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD.

The business climate in the state of North Carolina is strong. Why?

  •       After 5 years of ranking #2 in Site Selection Magazine, the state can now boast the #1 spot to open a business.
  •       It was ranked the #1 Best State for Business – Forbes 2017, 2018, 2019
  •       It boasts the lowest corporate tax in the U.S., at 2.5%
  •       Building costs are 16% less than the national average, and electricity costs 7% less
  •       It costs 11% less to live in the major metropolitan areas of North Carolina than in any other state
  •       North Carolina leads the nation with 70% patent growth over the last 10 years
  •       It leads the nation in best legal climate for businesses

Franchise opportunities in North Carolina are plentiful, and none more so than in the food and beverage sector of the restaurant industry.

Franchise opportunities in NC and the Food Industry

Now that we have learned franchising is a  much less overwhelming way to enter business ownership, and North Carolina rates as one of the best locations in the country to open a business, the next question may be, “What kind of franchise should I open?”

Food and beverage or restaurant concepts are often the most sought-after sector of the franchise industry. People think of golden arches, or of the Colonel from KFC and dream of becoming the next fast-food giant. The truth is, fast-food isn’t all it once was. Modern consumers have their sights set on better quality food and healthier options. They care about where the ingredients come from, and they seek even more convenience than fast-food chains can offer.

Full service restaurants can provide options that meet some consumer demands, but restaurant franchises can be expensive, and may be out of reach for first time business owners.  So where does that leave motivated potential business owners  who want to dive into the next best thing in food offerings?

What do the trends tell us?

  •       According to, the fast-food market size is estimated to reach $931.7 billion by 2027, growing at 4.6% per year  during the forecast period.
  •       Consumers want quality, convenience, customer service and a flexible business model that can adapt to swings in the economy, even drastic ones like what we have  experienced recently.
  •       Forbes proclaims in an article that nine percent of U.S. adults said they consider the environment as a top factor when deciding whether to buy a product.
  •       An article in USA Today states that 57% of Millennials think planning meals takes more time than they would prefer.

It didn’t take a global pandemic to realize that high quality food that is even more convenient to consumers is a trend with staying power. Americans are busy, but they don’t want to sacrifice healthier food options – especially those that cater to dietary specifications like vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free – to accommodate their hectic schedules. Enter the meal planning and preparation industry.

Meal Prep Enters the Market Place

The benefits of meal prep services for consumers include, but are not limited to the following:

  •       They solve the question of “What’s for dinner?”
  •       They are convenient, delivered right to customers’ doors or available for quick pick-up
  •       The offer fresh, healthier food – even better if ingredients are sustainably sourced
  •       They feature customizable menus that are changed weekly
  •       They are adaptable to dietary preferences (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free)
  •       They let people skip trips to the grocery store

UpFresh Kitchen  Hits the Mark

The UpFresh Kitchen franchise opportunity combines all of what prospective franchise owners crave within the food industry. UpFresh Kitchen is an innovative, diversified business model that is bringing a new style of foodservice to the quick service restaurant (QSR) market. With a primary focus on meal prep, planning, and delivery, the concept meets consumer demand for fresh, delicious food and, of course, convenience. The restaurant, grab-n-go, and community cooler aspects of the business are bonus mechanisms for multiple revenue streams a business owner can leverage.

The Upfresh Kitchen concept was founded by a Registered Nurse and wellness coach who saw a need for delicious, affordable, convenient meals for busy people who want to feel good about the food they put in their bodies.

More Ways UpFresh Kitchen Answers the Call for new North Carolina franchise opportunities

  •      Ease of operations, reasonable staffing requirements, attractive restaurant hours
  •      Established brand with a reputation for quality
  •      Solid supplier relationships
  •      Established operating systems and marketing programs
  •      Thorough training and support programs
  •      Protected territory to grow a local business
  •      Technology tools to keep operations moving smoothly

To learn more about our program and benefits, and more about how the meal planning, prep and delivery industry is growing in North Carolina and the U.S., visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or request more information.