A website is only as good as its ability to generate results. Franchise Development websites are built to capture leads from prospective franchise buyers and convert themWhen creating franchise web design, it’s important to know your buyer audience; really understand who your target market is. Having an idea of where and how they look for information is key to optimizing your franchise development website to capture and convert leads.  

Keywords Strategy in Franchise Development Web Design 

Using the appropriate intent to buy keywords and phrases to attract prospective franchisees is crucial in franchise website development. For example, phrases like, “franchise businesses for sale,” “own a franchise,” or “[industry] franchise” are short and include the word “franchise.” Google and other sites provide tools to help select the best keywords for your website. Once you have them, be sure to include them in your heading, titles, meta descriptions, URLs, and throughout your page content.  

A Franchise Development Website Needs Short but Powerful Content

Speaking of content, a good website is value-packed and concise. Like the saying, “big things come in small packages,” good website content is short and punchy, but loaded with valuable information for the reader. Specialty or niche content that is useful and filled with appropriate keywords and phrases is your best bet for attracting organic traffic from a relevant audience.   

 Backlinks are an SEO must in your franchise marketing plan Backlinks, sometimes called incoming links, are when one website “links back to” another. Backlinks are important because Google or other search engines see them as “a vote for your site,” or “a testimonial to your popularity.” The richer and more useful your content, especially if it is to a particular niche (like franchising!), the more other sites will reference it with a backlink. Of course, you can always reach out and ask other sites, blogs, or writers to backlink to your site, but with great content, you may not need to.  

 Another thing to consider when making your franchise development website searchable is how well it performs on mobile devices. 29% of smartphone users will leave your site if it doesn’t give them a positive user experience. That means a website that is speedy and clutter-free (no pop-ups!) will not only keep your audience, but it will help your site rank higher with Google.  

 Lastly, be sure and analyze your page performance regularly to see what is and isn’t working. Register your franchise development website with Google Search Console and Google My Business.  

 In summary, know your prospective franchise buyers, and provide them with rich, valuable content, fitted with well-performing keywords and phrases, all hosted on a speedy platform. Analyze. Adjust. Repeat.

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Matthew Jonas is president and co-founder of TopFire Media. As TopFire Media’s brand steward, he defines high-impact digital PR and marketing strategies for an impressive cache of consumer and franchise-based clientele.