Leaving their beloved pet with a groomer can be a nerve-wracking experience for pet owners, particularly if the groomer is new to them. Pet owners want to know their furry family members are safe and well-treated while getting their grooming needs met. This creates a growing demand for businesses like pet grooming franchises or mobile dog grooming franchises. The Pet Evolution pet grooming franchise opportunity is designed to do more than relieve anxiety for pets and their owners. This pet grooming franchise helps pets and their owners thrive.


Highly-Trained and Licensed Groomers

One of our customers’ biggest concerns is if the groomer knows what they’re doing and will keep their animal safe. The Pet Evolution grooming teams are safety-certified and properly licensed for our full-service grooming salons. We take pride in how safe and calming our salons are, which helps keep animals relaxed and their ownersat ease.

All-Natural, High-Quality Products

Pet owners are increasingly aware of the impact products have on their pets. High concentrations of chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients are no longer acceptable for pet owners and their animals. Every Pet Evolution pet grooming franchise opportunity uses only the highest quality products made of all-natural ingredients.

We also know how to use the products we stock, so every pet being groomed receives care that adheres to the latest safety standards and styling techniques that help them look and feel their best.

A Full-Service Grooming Salon

Pet grooming is often about more than a stylish haircut and a bath. Instilling good grooming habits early can help prevent bigger concerns down the road, such as ear or skin infections, or problems with overlong nails doing damage to paws. In some cases, even sanitary trims and gland care must be done to ensure the pet’s health and wellness.

Pet Evolution’s pet grooming franchise opportunity offers a full-service salon that takes pride in providing all the grooming services our customers may require to keep their pets healthy and thriving.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Every Pet Evolution pet grooming franchise is equipped with the latest technology and tools to help our customers’ pets look and feel great. Our salons are well-ventilated and clean, and our tables are sturdy for every pet’s safety and security. Each pet is cared for as if they were our own, and we go the extra mile to give pet owners peace of mind in leaving their pets in our care.


At Pet Evolution, we asked ourselves what pet owners may need that the industry isn’t providing. Then, we set out to fulfill those needs.

Dog Washing Stations

Bathing a dog can be fun, and it’s a great time to bond with the animal and build trust in the relationship. However, bending over a low tub at home, using a cup to pour water over the dog, and getting pet hair stuck in the drains is less than ideal. Pet Evolution is the dog grooming franchise opportunity that offers self-serve dog washing stations for owners who want the benefits of bathing their pets themselves without the hassles that come with it.

The dog washing stations in our pet grooming franchises are high, minimizing the discomfort of bending over the animal during the wash. We have hand-held sprayers to reach all areas of the pet’s fur. All-natural products are our pleasure to supply, and we also include unlimited bath towels. Finally, pet owners have access to our professional-grade blow dryers.

Best of all, we do all of the cleanup. Pet owners get to bond with their animals, and we take care of the rest.

Mobile Nail Trimming

Of all the grooming pets require, it seems pet owners are most uncertain about nail trimming. Cutting the nail down too far can result in pain for the animal and possible bleeding. The sound of the clippers (or a grinding tool to file the nails) can ramp up a dog’s nerves. When the animal gets nervous, they rarely want to hold still for the trimming, so pet owners have to hold them tightly to perform the trim.

All of this can create anxiety not just in the animal but also in their owner. However, with busy schedules, it’s sometimes difficult to make a regular appointment at the vet’s office or groomer’s to get the nails trimmed.

Our dog grooming franchise opportunities offer our customers mobile nail trimming services. We bring stress-free nail trims and other essential pet services to our customers’ doorsteps. The animals never need to leave their familiar environment, and the appointments are quick and easy to schedule. Few other grooming salons are offering mobile nail trims like Pet Evolution.


A Pet Evolution pet grooming franchise opportunity can be a rewarding business to own. You get to work with animals every day, improving their lives and providing the products and services that help them and their families live their best lives.

The initial estimate of investment in a Pet Evolution pet grooming franchise opportunity ranges between $424,500 to $598,550 for each unit. The $49,000 franchise fee is included in these figures. We also have pet grooming franchise opportunities available for Regional Developers, with fees for each franchise license at $10,000 with a minimum requirement of six units and a maximum of 50 units.

For that investment, we take you through a 5-day intensive training course at our headquarters location in Woodbury, MN, which includes classroom instruction and on-the-job training. Our franchise development team will also help train and assist your Pet Evolution franchise on location.

We support you with everything relating to store operations, products and their ingredients, all of our grooming services and equipment, and customer service practices. We also support you with our technology tools that are designed to help control operating costs, track inventory, operate POS systems, and perform functions like accounting, scheduling, payroll, and security.

We continue to support you after your grand opening with marketing and sales programs designed to build relationships with your local community. You will also have access to our exclusive, confidential operations manual to smoothly run your pet grooming franchise on a day-to-day basis.

Pet Evolution is looking for pet lovers with an entrepreneurial spirit to take advantage of our pet grooming franchise opportunities. If this sounds like a rewarding career path for you, contact us today to learn more.