For potential business owners looking into a franchise for sale in Texas, it can sometimes be difficult to decide where to start. Some people have distinct loves for certain subjects, such as food or entertaining guests, but others may be more focused on the business side of being a franchise owner.

If you’re determined to become a franchisee, but not sure about which franchise to investigate, then we may have the answer for you.

One word: coffee. Modern America is obsessed with the drink, whether it’s hot or cold, flavored or natural. Specialty coffee houses are popping up across the country, and that’s no surprise when almost two-thirds of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day – and the average coffee drinker has more than that, at 2.7 cups per day! With these kinds of figures fueling America’s adoration of coffee, it may be worth looking into a coffee franchise business for sale in Texas today!

Understanding the Coffee Industry in America

It’s not wise to enter into a franchise agreement if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of that franchise’s industry and what goes into day-to-day operations as an owner.

For example, some franchisors will expect potential owners of their franchise opportunities in Texas to be hands-on, while others will suggest a hands-off approach, and yet more will suggest the appointment of someone in a general manager position to run the business.

Coffee Franchise Opportunities in Texas

So, let’s go through the coffee shop industry in the U.S. for a moment. We already know that coffee is insanely popular among Americans – there are likely many people who consider it the most influential or important drink of the 21st century – but what about establishments that focus on solely or primarily selling coffee?

You’ll be happy to hear that annual sales of coffee shops equal $12 billion in the U.S., meaning there’s plenty of room for new coffee shop franchise opportunities in Texas.

Coffee shop franchise owners can expect to be on the frontlines in their franchise locations, especially if they have a smaller building footprint and a close-knit team. Leading by example is one of the best ways to manage your team and give yourself the chance for smooth sailing from the outset.

So, many franchise opportunities in Texas encourage you to work alongside your team, at least during the beginning of your franchise location’s journey, to keep an eye on operations and serve your employees as a positive role model.

The industry may be looking more and more appealing by the minute, but we need to know if there are any suitable franchise opportunities in Austin within the coffee shop industry. They need to be high-quality franchise opportunities that give you the tools to help you grow and potentially advance your career with a new investment.

We have one Coffee franchise for sale in Texas that may suit outgoing, bubbly personalities who are ready to throw themselves into a coffee cafe opportunity.

A Potential Coffee Shop Franchise for Sale in Texas

Enter Just Love Coffee Cafe, where franchisees can serve coffee with a cause to their customers and bring communities together while also creating amazing, hand-roasted coffee.

For many people, this may sound like a dream come true, and we can certainly understand why. Just imagine being able to step into work every day, with the amazing aromas of coffee beans surrounding you, and smiling customers walking through the doors.

When you set up a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise location, you create something that could become a local community hub.

Best of all, it’s not just about the coffee! Just Love Coffee Cafe is about people who are brought together by coffee, as illustrated by fundraisers and events that Just Love Coffee Cafe locations have hosted in the past.

It’s a for-profit business built off of a desire to fund good causes and give back to communities and those who truly need it.

On top of everything else, Just Love Coffee Cafe is an adaptable coffee shop concept that can fit in many different places and has a low carbon footprint, thanks to its small-scale kitchen. All of the food is made on waffle irons, meaning there’s no need for a large kitchen or a large, dedicated kitchen team. Instead, your ”bean team” of employees can both serve coffee and create a delicious menu item for your customers.

This means that Just Love Coffee Cafe locations can effectively operate on a smaller scale, with smaller teams, lower overhead, and an easier time fitting into different sized spaces.

Does it sound like the perfect franchise opportunity in Texas? Are you an avid coffee-drinker who loves being around people, food, and, of course, coffee? Do you have a head for numbers and a heart for your community?

You could be the ideal potential franchisee to take on a Just Love Coffee Cafe location and shepherd it to the grand opening and beyond. You’ll have Just Love Coffee Cafe’s support for the entire journey, whether you just need a little bit of coaching or advice around build-out and real estate selection, or more robust guidance at every stage.

Last Words on Franchise Opportunities in Texas

With coffee’s popularity across America and, indeed, the rest of the world, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that coffee shop franchises are popping up left, right, and center.

If you want to find a promising business, then you need to be able to identify the best coffee franchise opportunities in Texas.

We consider Just Love Coffee Cafe to be one of the best coffee shop franchise opportunities in Austin, and we’re ready to expand with new franchisees there and in key locations across the U.S. Do you want to come on this journey with us?

Get in touch today if you’d like some more information on this appealing franchise opportunity in Texas.