Sushi has been part of the American Culinary landscape since 1966, when the first sushi restaurant opened in Los Angeles. Today, the sushi franchise industry in the United States is worth 2 billion dollars, and there’s plenty of room for growth.

Interested? You should be! As American consumers look to Asian-inspired dishes such as Japanese sushi and aim to include it in their diets, this opens up a huge number of opportunities for potential franchisees who may want to look into the world of Asian restaurant franchises. If serving delicious food to happy customers every day sounds like a dream, then you could be the perfect potential franchise owner!

Sushi Franchises for Sale are Expected to Thrive in the Foreseeable Future

The forecast for sushi franchises looks very promising. The market for sushi restaurants in 2021 is expected to be 22.5 billion dollars with a growth rate of 12.2 percent. The sushi franchise marketplace has outpaced the American economy in the past five years, and this includes the Consumer Goods and Services sector. There could be great potential in the sushi franchise industry, because Americans are concerned with eating more freshly prepared foods. As the healthy eating index increases, so does the potential for growth in sushi franchising.

Sho Express Noticed that the Marketplace Had Great Potential

Looking into the future is vital as a potential sushi franchisee. You don’t want to be blindsided by a concept that works in the present but comes crashing down in the future – just consider fads from the recent past such as the Blackberry phone. You don’t want to tie up your hard-earned money and, perhaps more importantly, hours of your time into a passing fancy. So, how does the market for fast-casual dining look in terms of the future?

Sho Express has tapped into two marketplaces that have shown to have great growth potential, with one of those marketplaces belonging to fast-casual dining. Have you seen the forecasts for this industry? The fast-casual dining sector has some projections of a market worth of $260 billion – or even more – for 2021. Furthermore, the second marketplace that Sho Express has entered, the Asian restaurant industry, includes a cuisine that could be considered one of the quickest growing cuisines: Asian cuisine.

Sho Express Understands Sushi

What makes Sho Express different from competitors? Sho Express understands that when it comes to sushi franchises, quality is everything. This is the franchise for people who love food and want to see the unique American sushi culture respected. This is not stale, flavorless, grocery-store sushi. We combine the freshest ingredients with a fun, low key atmosphere that has something for the whole family.

Sushi franchises are also the perfect place to chill out with a group of friends after work or on the weekends. And our drive-through options will provide high-quality foods for even the busiest of lifestyles. Sho Express understands sushi and how to create restaurants that appeal to a wide variety of people, so you can let your local community fall in love with sushi – either for the first time, or the tenth time. Sho Express is ready for everyone!

Sho Express Sushi Franchises can be the Key to Your American Dream

Just as Sho Express blends the best of American and Asian flavors and concepts, you can use their Asian-inspired sushi franchise opportunity to unlock your ideal American dream. That’s right – your very own sushi franchise is no longer a pipe dream and could become your reality! Furthermore, you would be joining a brand like Sho Express that has a loyal customer base and distinct business model, so there’s never been a better time to explore sushi franchises and what they could offer you.

Prospective business owners looking for sound investments often ask, “Are franchises a good investment?” The short answer is yes—if you find the right franchise for you. That’s what makes Sho Express such a promising brand for potential owners looking for something different than the usual.

The Supportive Nature of Sho Express as a Franchisor

Some potential franchisees may be put off by the idea of taking on a franchise opportunity, such as a sushi franchise opportunity with Sho Express, because you might have more freedom as an independent business owner. This can be great… until you have too much freedom. Imagine it’s opening day, and you have no idea of what to do. How can you avoid this scenario? It’s easy! Just choose a supportive franchisor like Sho Express who will be there to provide the tools and guidance for business launch and beyond.

Let’s explore more on how Sho Express supports its franchisees. You will receive support for a number of different aspects of the franchise journey, such as marketing your new Sho Express location and tempting customers with the amazing taste of our Sho Express sushi and hibachi dishes. You can also get help dealing with real estate, technology, and even training new employees.

Contact Us for More Information About This Sushi Franchise Opportunity

It’s useful for potential franchisees to create a solid relationship with a franchisor before leaping into anything. Your best tools when going into a franchisee-franchisor relationship will be research and communication. Furthermore, a huge red flag would be a franchisor being reluctant to hand over any information or form a relationship prior to money changing hands – you won’t experience this with Sho Express!

Your research can be crucial, and at Sho Express, we are ready to help you with this important sushi restaurant franchise investment step. Get in touch with us today to join our journey and become a Sho Express franchise owner. We’re ready for new franchisees to expand our brand and spread the great taste of Sho Express to more local communities.