If you’ve been considering a bakery franchise opportunity, chances are, you love to bake, or are an unapologetic consumer of baked goods. There is nothing like the heavenly smell of a freshly baked cake coming out of the oven, right?

The bakery industry is a very large category, one that is typically viewed by consumers as “desserts and treats.” Research shows that the growth in this category over the next several years will come from specialty bakeries and niche players who offer something different.

This is why a specialty bakery, such as a one-of-a-kind cupcake bakery franchise, might be just the ticket!

On average, more than half of all consumers say they enjoy a sweet treat once a day. That’s good news for owners of bakery franchises. Cakes are dominating the dessert category, which is expected to grow to $200 billion in sales by 2022.

And here is another piece of good news to digest: more than 770 million cupcakes are eaten in the U.S. every year.

How would you like a slice of that market? Now you can have one!

Fat Cupcakes Franchise: A Perfectly Pleasing Recipe

If you’re looking for a bakery franchise, but want something with its own style – something that stands out in the market and your neighborhood – look no further than a Cupcake franchise. Our whimsical brand, fun concept, and upbeat, welcoming atmosphere have been delighting customers for years, and it might be just what you’ve been looking for!

Here at Fat Cupcake, we are serving up something special every day:

Fat Cupcake Brand: Our founder, Anjelica Otness, has created an exciting brand for the company. The Fat Cupcake brand has a distinct personality that our guests respond to, follow, and seek out. From our signature blue color with its white and pink accents to our familiar logo, the Fat Cupcake brand is instantly recognizable on our storefronts, packaging, websites, and social media platforms. Our bright, bold, and welcoming brand makes it easy to create eye-catching marketing campaigns that draw in new guests. When you invest in a Fat Cupcake bakery franchise, our brand recognition provides great ongoing value to your business.

Appealing Store Design: Our stores are designed to generate feelings of happiness and exuberance, and contribute to the overall Fat Cupcake experience. Combined with your own welcoming personality, the upbeat atmosphere keeps guests returning and delights all.

From the signage, to the furniture and fixtures, we’ve thought of everything to create the consistent, happy experience for which our brand is known. And we’ll help you do it with our assistance during the build out phase of your new Fat Cupcake bakery franchise.

Signature, Innovative Recipes: Fat Cupcake provides an extensive menu of original recipes for cupcakes and cakes that are distinct and unmatched in the industry, giving, our bakery franchise owners a competitive edge over other bakeries. Mouthwatering flavors and tasty combinations of cakes and frosting keep guests coming back to sample new options or try a new treat while staying true to their favorites. It all helps create steady traffic for our store owners.

With 17 daily cupcake flavors (plus seasonal options) there is always something new and exciting to pique your guests’ interest. And their taste buds.

Artistic, Beautiful Designs: Our boutique cake designs capture imaginations of everyone who sees them. From Pretty and Pink to No Drama Llama, the simple act of ordering a Fat Cupcake cake is a delight. And how about a towering cupcake design for a trendy alternative to a traditional wedding cake? Between gorgeous designs and tempting flavors, there are so many tasty combinations you can offer, for any occasion!

Sweet Seasonal Options: Every month, we find unique new ways to change things up a bit. Repeat customers can’t wait to see what each new season brings. This is yet another traffic generator for your store. Seasonal specialties are sure to keep your catering business hopping, as most seasons generate parties and other catering and entertainment opportunities!

Joyfully Devoted to Serving Our Communities

Finally, we strive to be generous with our donations, immersed in our community, engaged with our guests, and committed to baking quality sweets that will leave a memorable impression. Simply put, we want to serve our community through the joy of a cupcake!

In fact, we donate many cakes and cupcakes each year to charities and non-profits, building strong relationships within our communities. We’re actively looking for new Fat Cupcake bakery franchise owners who love cakes and take joy in serving their communities, too. There are currently prime Fat Cupcake franchises for sale, with exclusive territories available in the Pacific Northwest.