Consider these three important facts, which together help to explain the boom in the real estate franchise market worldwide:

  1. First, the technology-enabled distributed workforce, doing much of their work remotely, appears to be

here to stay. It makes sense in the modern world.

  1. Second, because of this continuing shift, the market for traditional, single-lessee, fixed-used commercial office space may decline.
  2. Third, this shift has the potential to result in increased demand in commercial real estate franchise opportunities.

These three facts combined create meaningful new opportunities for investors to participate in the booming shared office space franchise market, in a variety of modes, models, and magnitudes. The “bedroom” suburbs have become office annexes, and once-full downtown office towers are facing record vacancy rates and fewer re-ups. But all these opportunities come with a caveat.

When considering real estate franchises, the key is innovation.

Creative and forward-thinking use of office space are hallmarks of the new business model. Offices that provide additional digital services are likely to be more attractive to prospective tenants.

This is precisely where an experienced and successful real estate franchise company like Office Evolution comes in. Running a successful shared office space business can be both technically and technologically challenging, depending on your own experience and skills set. There’s a lot more to office-space construction these days than just throwing up an office tower downtown or a low-rise strip in the suburbs and hanging out a “For Lease” shingle.

Dedicated, expert help when you need it the most.

Typically, whether you’re already a real estate developer at some level or you’re just getting into the shared office space business, aligning with the right real estate franchise company can make all the difference in the world to your growth potential.

Office Evolution provides its franchise owners with a wide array of services and investment programs. We can help you do business in the increasingly competitive shared office space marketplace.

The mark of a quality real estate franchise opportunity is a positive and encouraging business approach. The corporate culture that we foster at Office Evolution is based on “Ohana,” the Hawaiian word for family. Ohana defines how we work with all our franchise owners and how we interface with our members — like family! We believe in the spiritual nature of our bond, and we believe it’s special in the real estate franchise business.

But wait, there’s more!

Here are four more great reasons why selecting Office Evolution as your real estate franchise of choice could be a wise option to secure your shared office space investment, nurture it, and grow it to whatever scale you desire.

  1. We’ve got a highly qualified support team, with years of experience in the real estate franchise industry. All are committed to enabling, teaching, and inspiring our franchise owners to work toward their goals!
  2. Office Evolution has been named one of the Franchise 500 companies for four years running, and we’ve been named #1 in the Entrepreneur C-Working Franchise category three years in a row. That helps to make us a real estate franchise company worth investigating.
  3. Our real estate franchise business model, the Office Evolution concept, is designed for franchise business owners who prefer to focus on strategy and delegate daily tasks to their managers. It’s ideal for the franchise owner who wants recurring revenue, the ability to work and live in the same area, and to have a life outside the office.
  4. Office Evolution is a real estate franchise company with 17 years of continuous growth, 140 locations awarded to date, and franchisees operating in 25 states.

The Perfect Opportunity!

Investing in the shared-office-space market makes sense today to far-sighted investors and experienced real estate developers alike. To many of these investors, it also makes sense to join forces with an experienced, professional real estate franchise company to help them navigate the waters. Our franchise owners provide the personal courage and business savvy to help you remain competitive and grow a compelling business in this evolving and dynamic marketplace. And Office Evolution provides the unparalleled experience and deep expertise to help ensure that they can do just that.