In a way, life can feel like a jungle gym. You can scramble to the top, and just when you’re at the highest point, you slide all the way to the bottom. If your current career feels like this, why not consider purchasing an indoor playground franchise?

Purchasing an indoor play franchise may be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Having an Indoor Play Center Franchise is a Big Industry

The first reason why an indoor play center franchise is a wise investment is because it’s a growing industry. In 2018, it was an $8 billion segment and may almost double by 2026 according to Allied Market Research.

One reason for this growing industry is because children need entertainment, and parents need  a good place to keep them entertained. An indoor playground offers entertainment all throughout the year and is excellent for birthdays or other occasions.

There Are Many Revenue Sources

When one is considering an indoor playground franchise, consider all the potential revenue sources.

Flippo’s major sources of revenue include their party rooms and other private events. Of course, day passes are still the top source, but birthdays come after it. Then, the cafe, camping or field trips, and then the arcade.

Let’s explain further. You may look at an indoor playground and assume that only the entry fee will be your source of revenue. However, well-developed indoor playgrounds franchises can have much more potential. They tend to have arcades or other games that require money to play, which is another great source of revenue. Indoor playgrounds can also have cafes. Those children playing are likely to get hungry, and the parents can feed them by purchasing food there.

An Indoor Playground Center Franchise is  Good for Children

An indoor playground franchise is a good investment not just for the business-building potential, but because you’ll be helping children. Over three-fourths of American children do not get enough exercise. One reason for this is because working out is seen as a chore rather than fun.

With an indoor play center franchise, you  can provide a fun way for kids to exercise. They are climbing monkey bars, running around, socializing, and having a day they won’t forget. It’s all a great way to stay fit, under the guise of fun and celebration.

When you own a playground center franchise like Flippo’s, you’re helping parents and kids to improve themselves by giving parents a place for their kids to have a good time.

Flippo’s Can Help!

We are Flippo’s, an indoor playground franchise located in Florida. If you want to grow a business by joining an indoor playground franchise, if you love children, and if you fit our vision, we want to help you reach your goals.

Flippo’s is the brainchild of Victoria Kim, a mother who was looking for a better playground experience for her child in a town of rainy days and poorly maintained parks. Since 2015, Flippo’s has evolved from one mom’s vision to a growing franchise for children.

Flippo’s is looking for someone who is family-minded and who can be the best customer service representative they can be. Here’s more information on our indoor playground franchise.

We Offer Many Different Revenue Sources

As mentioned, indoor playgrounds are a great way to bring in revenue. We offer different revenue sources that target parents of older kids as well as toddlers. We have an arcade, our acclaimed Lazer Maze, our Sports Court, and several other ways to build the bottom line.

We have a cafe as well. Because we recognize the importance of exercise, we don’t want to negate it by offering unhealthy foods. Our cafe has healthy food options to give parents some peace of mind all the while offering tasty treats.

Besides, we offer different passes that bring in revenues. We have a day pass for parents who want to make Flippo’s an occasional treat. For those who want to use us more, we have a monthly VIP pass which also gives a 10 percent cafe discount. In addition, we offer party packages and other group deals, including camps. As an indoor playground franchise owner of Flippo’s, there are many ways to grow your business!

We Aren’t Just Looking for Anyone

Because our ideal indoor playground franchise owner is dealing with kids, we need someone who can go above and beyond for us and for our customers. Here are some traits we are looking for.

Can Manage a Staff

At Flippo’s, our staff is important. Our staff helps to clean, be attentive to customers, monitor the playground, and keep kids safe, all while being friendly and accessible for everyone’s needs. You need to have solid communication skills and managerial experience to assure this is going to happen.

Professional, But Family-Minded

We want an indoor playground franchise owner who has experience in business, but who has a family background. We want someone who is good with kids who understands the struggle parents have at keeping them entertained!

Someone Who is Willing to Invest

Finally, we need a franchise owner who is willing to invest what it takes to launch and grow a business. The total estimated initial investment for a Flippo’s indoor playground franchise can be anywhere from around $900,000 to $1.6 million. With many ways to grow, it’s  an important investment, and one that we will help you nurture. We want people who are serious about playing a role in Flippo’s expansion.

Think You Have What it Takes?

We are looking for more franchise owners to expand our business from Florida to all across the U.S. If you feel you are a good fit, we would love to hear from you! For more information on this exciting opportunity, please contact Flippo’s to learn more about who we are and what we expect.

An indoor playground franchise combines work and play, so we want to hear from people who will work hard for us while tapping into their inner child and enjoying the experience. So reach out and see if this indoor playground franchise opportunity is right for you.