Hardly any of us made it into adulthood without ever having consumed fries, burgers, or chicken nuggets from a fast-food franchise. Before diving into the organic fast-food franchise concept we need to know that the fast-food industry represents a $234 billion share of the American economy, and over one-third of children and adolescents in the U.S. consume a fast food meal on any given day.

Eating on the go is a trend that seems to be here to stay. This is part of the reason why about 25% of all franchises in the United States are fast food establishments.

With increasing consumer preferences for fresh, organic food, the fast-food franchise industry is shifting its focus. As a result, more and more franchises cropping up across the country are offering healthier dining options with quick service.

What are Organic Fast Food Franchises?

Organic fast food franchises are quick-service restaurants that offer meals and ingredients that have been certified as organic by the USDA. Food certified as organic is inspected for compliance with strict rules and regulations. Animals raised for organic meat must be raised in natural living conditions with 100% organic feed.

The animals also may not be treated with antibiotics or hormones. Produce can only be called organic if it is grown on soils that have not been treated with synthetic fertilizers or pesticides within the past three years.

Many consumers prefer organic food because organic agricultural practices are designed to have a lower impact on the environment. But organic fast-food franchises were nowhere in sight. Most organic options were limited to specialty stores. Today, many consumers prefer to eat organic foods out of an increasing belief that organic foods could provide better nutrition and health benefits.

Organic food franchises are on the rise. But with this clear trend emerging, it’s fair to ask: Are organic foods really healthier?

Are Organic Foods Healthier?

Yes, organic foods can generally be healthier and safer for the environment than their standard counterparts. This is based on a growing body of scientific evidence studying organic growing practices on food nutrients.

Organic farming has been shown to increase antioxidants in produce and healthy omega-3 fatty acids in meat. Organic practices have also been shown to reduce the number of toxins and pesticides on farms and in food.

The demand for organic food is likely to grow along with the creation of new organic fast-food franchises. However, many consumers face price and availability barriers to accessing cleaner, more nutritious food choices. In order to meet shifting consumer preferences, organic franchise opportunities are emerging across food and consumer products.

What Organic Franchise Opportunity Could Be Right for Me?

Entrepreneurs and investors seeking ways to support natural, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles may be well suited for organic franchises. An organic franchise may specialize in specialty food products, such as dairy or meat, or it may provide a more sustainable way for people to get the everyday things they need for home and personal care.

Organic franchise opportunities can be both personally and financially rewarding, which is why a growing number of organic fast food, grocery, personal care, and other companies are choosing franchising as the best way to grow their business.

UpFresh Kitchen has an alternative for those investors seeking an organic food franchise: Although UpFresh Kitchen is not fully organic, it offers business owners the opportunity to do well for themselves while also doing good for their communities’ health-oriented eating.
UpFresh Kitchen offers three separate food service options for delivering meal plans to local friends and neighbors.

With a recognized brand and established health-focused food franchise concept, we aim to edge market share away from traditional quick-service restaurants.

How Does UpFresh Kitchen Franchise Support Our Owners?

UpFresh Kitchen is committed to ensuring health-oriented, convenient food can reach everyone. This is part of the reason why we are also a meal assembly franchise – a growing industry with a modern approach to dining.

UpFresh Kitchen is not just following the healthier -food franchise path by looking to capture the financial benefits of a growing consumer trend. It is also an organization committed to making sure everyone can get access to fresh, delicious, affordable, foods.

That requires a lot more than just creating great recipes for a great brand. UpFresh Kitchen offers franchise owners support with site build-out, relationship building, education and training, integrated technology solutions, and more.

We serve healthier food because we care about our clients, and we support healthier workplaces because we care about our franchise owners. If an organic fast-food franchise sounds like a great way for you to be in business for yourself, UpFresh Kitchen might be an alternative for you.

Is an UpFresh Kitchen Food Franchise the Right Choice?

Every business owner wants to grow, but businesses need to do more than just sell goods or services. They also serve the community.
If you want to help boost your community by increasing the availability of healthier dining and meal prep options, a health-oriented food franchise opportunity may be in your future.

UpFresh Kitchen meal prep  services are already serving a committed community across the Southeastern U.S. We have franchise opportunities available, and we would be happy to discuss them with you to determine if you may be the right fit for our growing brand.