The sandwich: it’s one of the most versatile foods there is, and Americans love it. We love sandwiches so much, we eat 300 million of them a day. It’s no wonder the competition among sub franchises to be the top dog of the sandwich world is so fierce.


The sandwich purportedly gets its name from the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu. The story is told that he was on a gambling run and didn’t want to stop to eat. So he instructed someone to bring him a slice of meat between two pieces of bread. This kept one hand free so he could continue his game. And the sandwich was born.

Grilled cheese is the most popular sandwich in America, according to a survey by YouGov in 2019. The runner up is a grilled chicken sandwich, and third place goes to the classic turkey sandwich.

The first peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipe appeared in 1901 in the Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics. The author, Julia Davis Chandler, suggested currant or crab-apple jelly, and said that as far as she knew, the recipe was original.

Why do we sometimes call them “sub sandwiches?” It’s believed to originate from Benedetto Capaldo’s Italian deli in New London, Connecticut. During WWII, a local Navy submarine base placed an order for 500 hero sandwiches. The deli employees, from then on, called hero sandwiches “subs,” and it caught on.


Sub franchises have captured America’s attention as the healthier alternative to the burger or pizza franchise. This began with the Subway franchise, which started in Connecticut in the mid-70s. By the 1990s, the Subway brand was booming, and there were sub franchises popping up everywhere.

The Subway brand, however, suffered a series of public relations crises, opening the doors of the sub franchising industry for competitors to gain traction. There are now a plethora of sub franchises, each making a different kind of mark on the sub sandwich market.

Some sub sandwich franchises grill their subs, while others slice their deli meats and cheeses after the customer orders for a completely customized sandwich. Others profess to be the fastest sub delivery restaurant, while more focus only on a specific sub, like the Philly Cheesesteak.

Because of this diversity, there are definite opinions about which sandwich franchise is the best sub sandwich franchise.


Yampa Sandwich Co. began as Backcountry Delicatessen and was the brainchild of founders Peter Boniface and David Pepin. Their history went as far back as high school, and after college, they reconnected over a love of backcountry skiing.

Boniface and Pepin discovered a new connection—the belief that the restaurant scene in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 1999 was missing a sub sandwich restaurant that served hearty, filling, and most importantly healthy sandwiches that offered the fuel for an adventurous lifestyle.

Over 20 years later, with a major rebranding under their belt, Yampa Sandwich Co. is a sub franchise that has refined the original vision to include environmental stewardship and whole food ingredients that are all pronounceable.

We’ve made it our mission to give our customers a menu bursting with innovative flavor combinations made with ingredients that are harm-free—that means no antibiotics, chemicals, additives, pesticides, or hormones. Just delicious superfoods that satisfy hunger and are fuel for both the body and soul.

The menu fulfills this with beautiful, complimentary flavors such as:

– The Bushwacker Sandwich: curry chicken salad, toasted almonds, rice and granny smith apples, gouda, and romaine lettuce on whole-wheat

– The Summit Sandwich: smoked ham, brie, applewood smoked bacon, cranberry chutney, romaine lettuce, and chipotle mayo on a French baguette

– Golden Beet Crunch Salad: pickled golden beets, quinoa, dried cranberries, sriracha sunflower seeds, granny smith apples, and gorgonzola served on a bed of kale with fig yogurt dressing


Owning a Yampa Sandwich Co. sub franchise can be a rewarding experience for franchise owners, too.

Fast-casual restaurants are currently the darling of the restaurant franchise world, growing at nearly three times the rate of the restaurant industry. A Yampa Sandwich Co. sub franchise offers franchisees multiple revenue streams with a breakfast, lunch, and early evening menu, catering and delivery, and Yampa Sandwich Co. branded merchandise.

As part of our commitment to giving our guests the quality customer service they deserve, they can take part in loyalty rewards programs to earn points and discounts on future orders. Our customers are part of the Yampa Sandwich Co. family in each of our franchise locations, and we value them above everything else.

Community is also extremely important to the Yampa Sandwich Co. philosophy, and we help our franchise owners integrate their sub franchise into their local community seamlessly. Part of this is done with local marketing campaigns designed to spread the word about Yampa Sandwich Co. and what we stand for. Our franchisees often participate in community events and cross-promote with other local businesses to solidify their presence in their communities and get to know the residents and other business owners.


How do you become a franchisee with Yampa Sandwich Co.? You can contact us to set up a discovery call, where you’ll speak to key members of our franchise development team and determine if a Yampa Sandwich Co. sub franchise is an exciting fit for your future.

The initial investment estimate will range between $295,750 to $527,900, which includes the $25,000 franchise fee. This will get you started in a 1500 – 2500 square foot space that has a minimum capacity of 40 seats for your guests.

We offer expert advice on choosing your Yampa Sandwich Co. site, whether you prefer a downtown or suburban setting, in an industrial or residential area, or in a building that has the architectural character that fits with the Yampa brand.

You’ll receive extensive training and access to our confidential operations manual, which will help you run your sub franchise smoothly every day. You’ll have access to our POS system, accounting and data analysis, as well as scheduling, payroll, inventory tracking, and more.

Most importantly, you’ll have access to our expert franchise development team, who are there to help you and your Yampa Sandwich Co. franchise prosper.

If this sounds exciting to you, contact us today to learn how to own your own Yampa Sandwich Co. location.