One way to get a fresh start in your career is to become a franchise owner. The type of business you may want to look into is the birthday party franchise.

Every year, parents want to do something special for their children’s birthdays. Sometimes, they will have parties at home, but many will want to go where the children can have as much fun as possible. A children’s party franchise provides that for families and lets the franchise owners build a fun and exciting business

It’s fun for the whole family, and a great investment for you as well.

One birthday party franchise to look into is Flippo’s. We are dedicated to making children’s birthdays unforgettable. Here’s how:

Party Packages for Birthdays

Flippo’s knows that for a parent, a child’s birthday party can be expensive. The average parent spends $400 on their child’s birthday. Most parents want their children to have a fantastic birthday, after all.

However, when some parents are on a strict budget, they may look to a kids’ party franchise to help them. A birthday party franchise can offer packages to help save money for parents while providing their kids with a fun experience.

For this reason, Flippo’s has party packages to make a child’s birthday memorable and affordable. Let’s discuss them.

 The Base Package for Our Children’s Party Franchise

As a Flippo’s birthday party franchise owner, you’ll be able to sell parents a base birthday package.

The base package includes:

  •         Two hours in a dedicated party room.
  •         An appearance by Flippo, our hippo mascot.
  •         Decor that is themed for the child. By default, Flippo’s has its own fun theme. However, we have upgrade options and other Party Packages, where the child can have a theme of their choice.
  •         A host dedicated to keeping the party going.
  •         Plenty of pizza and juice.
  •         Free passes for all children.
  •         Unlimited Laser Maze, a game where children need to navigate through a series of lasers.
  •         Unlimited Time Freak, a competitive game where kids need to hit buttons as they light up.
  •         Online invitations for the child’s friends and family members.
  •         The child’s own birthday gift!

As you can see, there’s quite a bit here. A good birthday party franchise needs to offer an impressive package for parents to provide the best birthday experience for their little ones. This package can often cost the same as, or even less than, what the average parent spends on their child’s special day — with so much more than what can be provided with an at-home party!

 Upgraded Packages

Of course, some parents may have a bigger budget, giving the birthday party franchise owner the ability to offer a better package. Our upgraded Deluxe package offerings include:

  •         Face painting. We have a talented face painter who can give a child a fun new face for the party.
  •         Balloon twisting. Who doesn’t love a good balloon animal? Our talent can turn ordinary balloons into extraordinary.
  •         Extra time with Flippo.
  •         And more.

These packages are based on how many children there are. In addition, a parent can customize their packages with other add-ons.  

Our Birthday Party Franchise Has A Fun Food Menu

Flippo’s birthday party franchise has its own menu with various foods and drinks for children and adults. In addition to the food included in the package, parents and kids may bring other foods, such as their own cakes or cupcakes.

As a Flippo’s children’s party franchise owner, you can diversify revenue through our approved menu.  Our kids party franchise offers traditional party foods and drinks that one would expect, including pizza, pasta, mozzarella sticks, and sodas. The adults don’t have to just eat pizza and drink sodas either. We even have a sushi menu and alcoholic drinks for the adults.

With Flippo’s, the party never stops.

 Our Iconic Playground and Arcade

We also have an indoor jungle gym with many twists, turns, and slides. In addition, we have an arcade that kids will love. A birthday party franchise should have plenty of entertainment, and we believe Flippo’s has everything a child would want.

Entertainment for Any Occasion

Flippo’s is more than a kids’ birthday party franchise. We are excellent for any occasion, be it a reward for good grades, a family gathering, or just for some indoor playground fun. We also sponsor other events. Our kids party franchise is great for campers, field trips, or other groups. Being all indoors, we’re a franchise that a family or other group will want to visit come rain or shine.

Because we have many offerings, this makes it an excellent opportunity for a potential franchise owner. They can earn revenue from several sources, not just parties.  In fact, Flippo’s has many ways to market to parents who have children under the age of 14, including a room specially designed for toddlers.

 Become a Franchise Owner Today

If you’re interested in becoming the birthday party franchise owner of our next Flippo’s, reach out to us.

Being a Flippo’s franchise owner, like any franchise, requires the ability to make an initial investment, including the initial franchise fee. However, we are looking for so much more than just financial qualifications. We started as a company founded by a mother who was tired of children’s lack of indoor play. Flippo’s has stayed true to its vision of wanting to take care of kids and give parents a place for them to relax, and we look for people who appreciate that vision.


As a result, we want a birthday party franchise owner who is a team leader and someone who will be good with kids. We want people who have the experience to prove they can take our franchise brand and extend it further across the Florida area and beyond.


If you believe you have what it takes, contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.