There are a multitude of considerations in play when contemplating investing in a gym franchise. Beyond the return-on-investment requirements, a good franchise investment includes how much support is received from the franchisor.

We want the owners of our franchise locations to thrive, so we’ve developed a franchising model that enables us to provide unparalleled support.

How do we know our model works? Because many of our franchise owners—some of whom have no previous franchising experience—have come to own multiple units in less than 1 year.

The Camp Transformation Center rapidly expanded to over 100 locations just two years after we offered the first gym franchises for sale.

Perfect Timing to Invest in a Gym Franchise for Sale

Americans are more health-conscious than ever, and we’ve also experienced a seismic shift in how we conduct our day-to-day lives.

Many people are more sedentary while working from home, and have more access to snacks and personal kitchens than was possible when working in an office environment.

This has resulted in large numbers of people seeking ways to lose weight, get healthy, and discover a better lifestyle that makes them feel amazing while improving immune systems and reducing chronic illnesses. 84 million US adults use health and fitness apps to track their diet and exercise progress, and that number is expected to grow. It’s natural to turn to a gym to begin these transformational journeys.

What’s unfortunate is that many smaller gym franchises have closed in the last couple of years, creating a gap between what fitness goers want and what they can access.

The Camp Transformation Center is offering gym franchises for sale at an opportune time to fill this vacuum and serve the growing number of people seeking a fitness home amid fewer choices.

The Camp Transformation Center Gym Franchises for Sale Come with Incredible Support

Our philosophy is that while fitness is our product, people are our business. It’s not just our members we build healthy, quality relationships with; we take good care of our franchise owners who invest in a gym franchise for sale, too.

In designing a franchising model, we wanted to offer the kind of support that makes a franchise with The Camp Transformation Center stand out among the crowd of other gym franchise opportunities.

Once the franchising agreement is signed, the franchise owner becomes part of The Camp Transformation Center’s family. We offer expert advice on every step of the opening process.

Our franchise owners will become intimately familiar with The Camp Transformation Center’s business plan, and we offer expert advice on maximizing financing options. We can also offer expert advice on real estate options, site selection, lease negotiations, and connecting with vendors to equip the new gym franchise location.

Next, a 2-week, 40-hour training program covers everything from A to Z. During this training course, franchise owners will have access to The Camp’s business leadership to ensure full immersion in The Camp Transformation Center experience. This type of peer-to-peer connection is how we build a solid, lasting business relationship with our franchise owners, who learn that through every facet of operations, we’ve got their back.

Initial Support Processes

Once a franchise owner chooses their franchise gym location and build-out begins, we help to build a 12-week presale program to give members Day 1 access to the new location at the grand opening.

Setting a goal of roughly 10-20 memberships a week means new Camp locations will have an estimated 120 to 140 memberships from the outset, bringing in revenue from day one. This can be a significant boost to any new gym franchise opportunity.

After the initial flurry of new memberships, we continue this sales support with weekly sales training for every franchise owner’s sales team to continue growing membership numbers.

As members begin reaching their milestones with The Camp’s 6-week Weight Loss Challenge, word-of-mouth has the opportunity to ignite, leading to an ongoing cycle of new interest in joining The Camp Transformation Center.

Ongoing Support Programs

Every month, we also conduct ongoing business operation training featuring top-performing franchise owners for more peer-to-peer guidance and training.

This builds camaraderie among franchise owners and helps keep open communication throughout the entire organizational structure.

We also offer ongoing assistance with FBC’s (Franchise Business Consultants), which helps review sales goals, marketing strategies, and financial data.

We continue to offer ongoing marketing support to help our franchise owners create social media ads for distribution and lead generation.

Continued content creation for social media supports The Camp Transformation Center brand at both a local and company-wide level.

The Camp Transformation Center is an Investment Like No Other

The Camp Transformation Center gym franchise opportunity has a history of quick upward scaling.

Some of our franchise owners have gone multi-unit in as little as 9 months with this complete franchise model.

The model also includes additional revenue streams for retail, including merchandise and supplements, so our franchise owners aren’t giving away potential income to other businesses.

We have top-tier markets available in our expansion plans, with an eye for how franchise owners can own multiple units in their region should they so choose.

The Camp Transformation Center started to support people through the hardest parts of a weight loss and fitness journey.

We don’t cater only to the wealthy, who have access to meal prep or personal chefs and can pay for exclusive, private training sessions.

We help the everyday person, the beginners, and the overweight and out-of-shape. We developed The 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge specifically to smooth away the pain points that trip people up on their health and fitness journey.

We’ve been helping people achieve their fitness goals for more than a decade now.

It stands to reason we’d also develop a world-class training and onboarding process as part of our franchise model, to give franchise owners a seamless transition from franchise agreement to daily operations.

We’re looking for franchise owners with an entrepreneurial spirit who are passionate about the fitness industry and are ready to become part of The Camp Transformation Center family. If this healthy investment opportunity sounds like your kind of endeavor, contact us today for more information.