Paint store franchise opportunities have a certain attraction for the right prospect. It’s a chance to own a retail store that caters to downstream construction industries, such as residential builders and home improvement companies.

But a brick-and-mortar retail business, like a paint store franchise, can come with high costs upfront. There are expenses for inventory and real estate to consider. Owners can also face tough competition from other paint stores, big box retailers and even hardware store departments.

Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and ask yourself if starting your own painting contractor franchise is worth considering, instead of a paint store franchise.

Is a Painting Contractor Franchise or Paint Store Franchise Opportunity Right for You?

Here are four reasons why painting contractor franchises make sense, compared with paint store franchise opportunities.

  1. Market size. The professional painting sector is a $37 billion industry today. Painting contractor franchises include professionals who provide interior and exterior painting services and interior wall coverings for residential and commercial markets.

Residential construction shows no signs of slowing down in the U.S. these days. It has the potential to fuel steady growth for painting franchises. Commercial construction and industrial markets also are on pace to strengthen as the economy grows. That could lead to a boost in demand for commercial painting services in retail and office buildings.

A Teaberry Painting franchise can open up a range of earnings potential across residential and commercial landscapes. Ownership offers opportunities for entrepreneurs like you to meet demand driven by residential and commercial construction, renovation, and maintenance.

As a Teaberry Painting franchise owner, you can go beyond offering painting services for home interior and exteriors. You have access to the tools you need to take on large condominium projects, townhomes, and new residential developments. Painting business opportunities also come from commercial building owners, manufacturing facilities, and churches.

Paint store franchises are part of a $14.3 billion industry in the U.S. A paint store franchise investment may make sense for you if you have a strong retail background. You can make money by selling paint, wallpaper, and related supplies to consumers and contractors in this type of store

However, revenue generated by retail and contractor sales may not be enough for you. You may have to look for ways to expand customer services with color consultations, DIY classes, or equipment rental programs to grow your sales potential.

Plus, if you have your own painting business, converting it to a franchise like Teaberry Painting may be a smart career move for you.

The Teaberry Painting franchise concept includes a purpose-driven training and support program to help franchise owners like you reach your financial and personal goals.

  1. Competitive markets. The painting contractor market is highly fragmented in the U.S. today. No major player has a market share of greater than 5%. That means you can tap into plenty of potential growth opportunities with the right painting franchise.

A professional painting contractor franchise, like Teaberry Painting, offers you a chance to be your own boss and put your business and customer service talents to work. When you invest in a Teaberry Painting franchise, you become part of a movement to set the gold standard in the painting contractor industry.

Contrast market dynamics for painting contractors with paint store franchise opportunities. Category giants dominate the global market. These mega-players have multiple retail storefronts in prime locations around the country.

And big box home improvement stores have in-store paint departments that have become go-to destinations for DIYers and commercial painters. They can create a fiercely competitive environment for a paint store franchise.

  1. Cost of entry. Start-up costs for a painting franchise like Teaberry Painting may be less than a paint store franchise opportunity. That’s because you don’t need a physical store or large inventory to get your Teaberry Painting franchise business set up and ready to roll.

An added value for Teaberry Painting franchise owners is access to software tools to help operate the business. Owners use smart technology to generate proposals, send out work and supply orders, schedule crews, even create cost analyses.

Initial investments in retail businesses, like paint store franchise opportunities, vary, depending on location, store size and other factors. Costs to consider include rent or lease fees, equipment and technology, inventory and supplies, permits, licenses, and more.

Upfront costs can add up quickly for a paint store franchise. Capital investments can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Compare those numbers with an initial investment for a Teaberry Painting franchise of $105,175 to 158,865.

  1. Available territories. If you do an online search for painters in your community, you may find dozens or even hundreds of results. That doesn’t necessarily mean your territory is saturated with stiff competition.

Many independent painting businesses lack basic business skills needed to run an efficient operation. Their customer service may be anything but a five-star experience.

You can help set the gold standard for painting contractors with a Teaberry Painting franchise. The brand is built on solid principles to provide residential and commercial customers with an unbeatable combination of choice, service, quality, and price.

If you are considering paint store franchises as a business building opportunity, you may want to do your own prep work to understand marketplace potential in your community.

There are over 8,730 paint stores in the U.S. today. That’s why it might seem there’s a paint store franchise on every corner in your town.

Teaberry Painting franchise opportunities are available across the country. You also can get a fresh perspective on the professional painting contractor business by downloading the free Teaberry Painting industry outlook.