There are many reasons why one would consider looking into owning a franchise. Maybe you’re in the middle of your corporate career, and you want a chance to own your own business. Perhaps you have tried creating a business on your own and ran into roadblocks.

Starting a retail store franchise may be the solution. If you want to break from your nine to five and work at a store that sells sought-after goods for the public, now could be the right time. However, you may have many questions.

Which Retail Store Franchise Should You Select?

Brick-and-mortar stores can sometimes offer a challenge if you choose an industry that has trouble attracting a reliable customer base. Changing tastes and demographics mean that you need to find a retail store franchise that people need in good times and bad.

One sector looks to have momentum and is still standing strong. The mattress industry is ready to grow.

The Value of the Mattress Industry

A good night’s sleep may be more important than food. However, according to the Sleep Foundation, one in three adults do not sleep well. Not having a proper mattress can be one reason why sleep might be hard to come by — constant demand for quality sleep solutions helps keep the mattress industry growing.

While online mattress retailers have shaken up the industry, many people still prefer buying their mattresses from a brick-and-mortar store. After all, you cannot touch the bed until it’s right at your door, and despite return policies, lots of customers would rather test the mattress before purchasing.

These reasons mean that a retail store franchise opportunity in the mattress industry could be right for you. And that is where Verlo Mattress comes in.

We Are Verlo Mattress Mattress

We have been in the business for over 60 years, and we have evolved as people’s sleep needs have. Every person has his or her own sleeping preference. Some people sleep on their back, others prefer resting on their sides. Some like their mattresses to be firm, while others like them to be softer and with a little give.

People’s needs may evolve, either due to aging or because of changing tastes. Our mattresses are customizable and have a guarantee that last a lifetime. Our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee ensures that a Verlo Mattress mattress is an investment worth making.

In the 60 years since we got our start, we have stayed true to our mission. We believe in comfort, affordability, and finding franchise owners who share our vision for affordable, high-quality bedding. It’s a retail store franchise opportunity that could be the perfect match for your goals.

Sales With No Pressure

At Verlo Mattress, we design our franchise with the customer in mind. We realize that many customers might feel intimidated when they walk into a retail store. They may feel like the salesperson is only there to force the customer into purchasing a mattress as soon as possible.

Verlo Mattress trains our salespeople and our franchise owners to serve our customers Midwestern values of hospitality, knowledge, and no-pressure assistance in finding their next mattress.

Affordable, Comfortable Mattresses

Every person is entitled to a good night’s sleep, no matter their budget. A quality mattress should be available for anyone who wants one.

At Verlo Mattress, we believe affordability and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Our franchisees manufacture each mattress at their back office factory with each customer in mind. Without a middleman, we can provide quality mattresses for an affordable price. We have been doing this since 1958.

Our Story

Our story reflects what we hope our franchise owners want to be. We got our start with two friends who added mattresses to their furniture store, and our company has stayed strong since 1958. Going from a dream to many stores across the Midwest is one goal many wish they can accomplish, and our inspirational tale lives on through our franchise owners.

The Right Franchise Owner

At Verlo Mattress, we look for people who have a passion for helping others get the best rest possible. You might be a fit for our retail store franchise if one or more of these are true.

Your Personality

We are looking for someone who has strong customer service values. This person should know how to guide customers, not pressure them, to purchase a mattress. Aggressive sellers and people who don’t want to help others are not the right franchise owners for us.


We are looking for people who are located in the Midwest and surrounding areas. We are ready to grow, and we’re looking for potential franchise owners to come with us. Of course, with our business always growing, the location requirements will become less strict.

Finances, Experience, and Space

Finally, we are looking for someone like you who has the ability to make an investment in the range of $214,883 to $408,183. The person needs to have a corporate background or have experience in the mattress industry. Nearly two-thirds of our franchise owners worked at Verlo Mattress at some point. To own a franchise, you will need to acquire retail space of 7,000-10,000 square feet.

If you qualify, this retail store franchise opportunity could be for you.

Verlo Mattress welcomes you as part of the family.

If you become a Verlo Mattress franchise owner, you will help our customers find the right mattress for their situations. Everyone’s needs differ, and Verlo Mattress believes in adjustable, comfortable beds that change as customers’ needs do.

Contact Us!

Not only does Verlo Mattress excel with customer service, but we are there for people interested in learning more about our retail store franchises. If you have further questions about our business model and this exciting business ownership opportunity, feel free to contact us for more information.

We will be there to help you determine whether this franchise is for you. We believe that you will love what we have to offer.