Every home needs a mattress, which is a part of the furniture store umbrella. In 2020, the global furniture market was worth $509.8 billion, and the industry is projected to see additional growth in the coming years. Now could be the right time to start a furniture franchise for mattresses. This post will give you more details on why owning a furniture store, more specifically a mattress store, could be right for you and why you may want to consider franchising with Verlo Mattress.

A Furniture Franchise for Everyone

Furniture comes in different types and can be aimed at different budgets. One store may sell rustic-style furniture that’s great for people who live in a country home. Another store may sell used furniture, which is appropriate for those on a stricter budget or those who don’t want to spend more. Finally, there are premium furniture franchises that sell only the most luxurious amenities.

Because of the variety of needs, starting a furniture store franchise to fulfill one of those needs can be a smart move all around.

Furniture Stores Can Offer Growth Opportunities

Operating a brick-and-mortar store can be a challenge. But many furniture stores are experiencing robust sales, and the industry is on the rise. 

Many consumers would prefer to see their furniture in person before purchase. As advanced as technology is, furniture is still best seen in person, versus online. Being able to see items in a showroom, and then having it delivered as soon as possible from a physical location is ideal for many consumers.

Verlo Mattress as an alternative to a Furniture Franchise Opportunity

A mattress store can be a promising furniture business-building opportunity. People need a good night’s rest and they need a mattress that combines value with comfort. Verlo Mattress helps our customers sleep well by providing service with strong Midwestern values such as friendliness, integrity, and helpfulness.

There are many mattress companies out there. Here’s what we do that the other names do not.

Personalized With No Pressure

Searching for a mattress can be something a customer loses sleep over. Verlo Mattress is a furniture store franchise that wants to help our consumers get a better night’s sleep.

Every person has different sleep needs. These needs will change as time passes. Having a mattress built to adjust and last for years should be the consumer’s primary goal. For over six decades, Verlo Mattress has provided a direct-to-consumer mattress experience: no middleman to raise prices, and no cutting corners.

Besides personalization, we pride ourselves on being no-pressure. Customers walk into a store and feel pressured by a salesperson to buy something ASAP. This pressure can keep customers from going into a store, possibly resulting in them buying a mattress they might not want.

We don’t believe in pressure. Instead, customer education is our priority. We seek team members who are knowledgeable and able to educate the customers about their needs. We need owners who will provide value for their customers and the best customer service imaginable.

An Inspiring Story to Fit Your Own

When it comes to furniture business opportunities, Verlo Mattress believes anyone can sell our products with the right tools and training. We provide opportunities to people of different backgrounds and experiences, whether they’re career professionals looking for a change in life or newcomers to the world of business ownership.

We have been in the industry since 1958, formed by two friends. Of course, 1958 was a long time ago, and Verlo Mattress has evolved quite a bit since then. However, this company has stayed true to the friends’ original vision. Each mattress is custom-made to the consumer’s needs. With no go-between, we greatly reduce shipping costs and environmental impact during the manufacturing process of our beds.

Can I Own a Verlo Mattress Furniture Franchise?

We have Verlo Mattress furniture franchises for sale in key markets, and you might just be the potential owner we’re looking for. We would love to hear from you if:

  • You’re based in one of our target markets, which are expanding.
  • You want to participate in a thriving industry that helps people get a good night’s sleep.
  • You appreciate the flexibility of owning a warehouse-based Factory Store.
  • You’re a former owner-operator or someone who has corporate experience. Two-thirds of our franchise owners come from corporate backgrounds.
  • You have the ability to make an investment that ranges from $214,883 to $408,183.
  • You have or have the ability to acquire 7,000-10,000 sq ft of retail space.

You may be a good fit for Verlo’s furniture franchise.

Being a franchise owner means not only investing in an exciting next chapter of your life, but it means that you are helping the public get the better night’s sleep they deserve.

The Sleep Foundation says 1 in 3 Americans don’t get enough sleep. Having a better mattress is one key to help prevent tossing and turning. At Verlo Mattress, we believe there’s a mattress for everyone. Whether customers like their beds soft, firm, or in the middle, Verlo Mattress can customize different options for each person’s needs.

Verlo Mattress can be an affordable and viable furniture franchise opportunity.

Contact Us!

For more information on becoming a furniture franchise owner with Verlo Mattress, contact us for more details. Unlike our mattresses, this opportunity is not something you should sleep on.