1. Home construction and remodeling projects are on the move.
The demand for home improvement services means the house painting franchise business is worth consideration as an investment. With the expected expansion of the housing construction market, the possibilities for growth in the $37 billion painter industry become even more attractive.

There are more than 124 million homes in the U.S. today. Plus, the housing industry is on pace to build $1.3 trillion worth of dwellings each year. That adds up to plenty of demand for painting services and the right indicators to reach your goals as a house painting franchise owner.
Today, more than 90 million Millennials, Gen Xers and Gen Yers hover around the average age for home buyers. They are pouring discretionary funds into the $506 billion home services market to maintain their living spaces.

2. Strong demand exists for professional painting services.
Do you know what is the most popular indoor home improvement project today? It’s interior painting, according to a survey on the top home upgrade trends by Thumbtack. Homeowners know that a fresh coat of paint improves the look of a room and offers a return on investment.
Outdoor home projects also are popular with today’s homeowner, according to the same survey. External painting came in at number three on the in-demand list after landscaping and fence installation.

Not all homeowners are DIYers. Many look for reliable, professional painting services to paint their homes, both inside and out. This demand creates opportunities for talented entrepreneurs like you to satisfy customer expectations and build a business you’ll be proud to call your own.

3. Tried-and-tested business models make all the difference.
Business-minded entrepreneurs like you know a home painting franchise is not just about brushes, rollers, and ladders. It’s a chance to put your talents to work in sales, marketing, and operations.
An investment in a home painting franchise like Teaberry Painting sets you up with an established business model and a framework to mold your own business. You can leverage low initial costs and keep overhead in line as you establish your reputation in your community.

4. Diverse income sources offer ways to reach growth potential.
With the right home painting franchise opportunity, you can target builders, landlords, interior designers, even business owners to grow your business.
A Teaberry Painting franchise also gives you a chance to expand your potential revenue streams into the commercial sector. It’s a way to provide professional painting services for retail and office buildings and boost your revenue-generating potential.

5. Low cost of entry offers advantages from day one.
Start-up costs for a house painting franchise are less than many sectors of the home services industry. The total initial investment for a Teaberry Painting franchise is between $105,175 to $158,865. Average revenue per job is $3,750.

The Teaberry Painting financial disclosure documents offer more specifics about startup costs, investments, and capital needs. FDDs also outline potential risks and benefits of the investment opportunity. They are good resources of information when you want to compare house painting franchises for sale.

6. Income-generating potential can lead to financial freedom.
Add-on services give you a way to boost your potential revenue-generating power. When you own a Teaberry Painting house painting franchise, you can meet demand from homeowners who look for professional services to maintain their homes beyond a coat of paint. It’s a chance to deliver a complete package for homeowners, with everything from drywall repairs and carpentry services to window washing and gutter cleanouts.

7. Operations efficiencies help you reach your goals.
Technology has become as important to the house painting franchise business as sprayers, strippers, and sanders. Software programs designed specifically for the industry can help you streamline management of your operations.

A proprietary program built exclusively for Teaberry Painting house painting franchise owners gives you the right tools to easily prepare estimates, create reports, track leads, schedule projects, and more. That means no guesswork and fast turnaround of estimates for your clients.

8. Brand recognition helps build a customer base.
The Teaberry Painting brand is built on solid principles to provide residential and commercial customers with an unbeatable combination of choice, service, quality, and price. Homeowners and business managers alike appreciate the Teaberry Painting approach. They know they can depend on Teaberry Painting folks to say what they do and do what they say.

9. Prime territories open doors for you to establish a business of your own.
The Teaberry Painting franchise business model offers you a chance to get in on the ground floor with a finely tuned, high-tech house painting franchise operation that is expanding its recognition across the country.

You can find protected territories in key markets that are booming with opportunities to tap into strong demand, potential for growth and quality of life that you and your family can appreciate.