If you are considering a painting business for sale, now is a good time to think about painting contractor franchise opportunities.

The house painting contractor industry generates $20.6 billion in revenue a year. As residential construction continues to expand, industry watchers expect demand for painting services to drive industry growth.

Here are questions to ask about painting business opportunities:

  1. Is there room for another painting business?

    Yes! The painter industry is highly fragmented in the U.S. Among the major companies, none has more than 5% of the market.

That means business-minded entrepreneurs like you have an opportunity to transform the industry in your area as a local painting franchise owner.

  1. Why invest in a painting business franchise?

    You can tap into a well-established brand with systems and strategies already in place when you buy a franchise.

A painting franchise gives you an advantage to learn from an entire team of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to build a business of their own, be their own boss and achieve financial freedom that’s right for them.

It’s hard to find that kind of support if you start a business from scratch.

When you invest in a Teaberry Painting franchise, you can leverage an established training and support program for franchise owners.  Our painting business opportunities include everything from territory selection to a complete introduction to proprietary systems and processes.

  1. How does territory selection work?

    Every franchise painting business has its own twist on territory delineation. It’s easy to focus on the size of the territory. But what does a radius or block of territory really mean?

With open data from governments available to anyone who asks, geographical boundaries give franchisors simple, inexpensive ways to define painting business franchise territories. Typical patterns use ZIP codes, natural boundaries, like rivers or railroad tracks, or municipal designations.

Read through the franchise disclosure documents for painting business for sale, and here’s what you may find.

–      “geographic area … based on recently published census data”

–      “population of 150,000 – 200,000”

–      “protected territory … delineated by zip codes”

At first glance, you may think the boundaries of a painting business for sale make sense. Take a closer look, and ask yourself, “is there a solid base of residences to make this business opportunity work?”

Teaberry Painting takes a different approach to set territories. It’s called Intelligent Territories. That means the business model goes beyond easy-to-find data and considers income levels and assets as well as geography to map out territories with growth potential for painting business franchises.

  1. Can a painting business territory support potential growth?

    For some franchise opportunities, your initial franchise fee may be calculated on population numbers only. That doesn’t tell you anything about income levels or number of potential homes that could need a new coat of paint.

Small territories may mean the growth and income potential is divided among many franchises. That can limit your chances to reach your performance goals.

A geographically large territory may look great on paper. But if it’s sparsely populated, that can mean lots of drive time between jobs. It also can make managing multiple jobs complicated if they are spread out over a wide area.

The Teaberry Painting brand uses sophisticated data visualization software to map territories that offer a balance of quantity and quality. That means a territory has a mix of demographics and income levels to give you the potential you need to build and expand your business.

  1. Is the territory exclusive or protected?

    These two terms are similar but have different meanings. For a mobile franchise like a painting business for sale, you want to know if you are the only franchise owner who can operate in your geographic area.

Take a close look at the franchise disclosure documents. Franchise brands like Teaberry Painting map out territories with a goal of offering solid economic bases for franchise owners like you. It’s an approach you won’t find in other painting businesses for sale.

  1. How do territories for retail or service franchises differ?

    In basic terms, a retail franchise sells a product. It may operate from a brick-and-mortar space, like a convenience store or restaurant.

Service franchises take their business on the road. They go to a home or commercial space to provide a service, instead of the customer coming to a business location. Cleaning services, pet grooming, moving companies are examples of service franchises.

Unlike retail franchises, service-based businesses may not operate a physical location. They are considered mobile franchises.

A mobile franchise, like a Teaberry Painting painting business for sale, gives you a chance to build a home-based business. No real estate costs can mean lower overhead for you. Your cost of entry also may be lower for a mobile franchise.

  1. How can I find a painting business territory that’s right for me?

    There are plenty of opportunities for business-minded entrepreneurs like you to build a painting business.

Start with the franchise disclosure documents for painting business franchises that may be right for you. Talk with other franchise owners to find out what they think about their potential for growth. Consider the cost of entry and the support available to launch your business.

Teaberry Painting franchise gives you a chance to join a brand that’s on a mission to transform the painting industry – and the futures of franchise owners like you.

Here’s what it takes to bring your talent to the Teaberry Painting movement.

–      Skills in project management and organization

–      Desire to go beyond customer expectations

–      Strong technology skills

–      Energy and clear attention to detail

–      Passion for lifelong learning

Download the Teaberry Painting Industry Outlook to find out how available territories in states across the country can set you on a path to a rewarding career.