When you invest in a GIRLKIN Lashes lash extension franchise business, you will be setting up an in-demand  business in a thriving industry. Unlike salons which choose to offer lash extensions on the side, you will be offering exclusively lash-focused salon services, in a luxurious setting, promoting all of the exciting things a perfect set of lashes can do for your clients.

Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous services and products you and your lash stylists will be offering in your GIRLKIN Lashes franchise salon.


First, you’ll give each and every client a customized consultation at their first appointment. (Trust us, there will be many more appointments to follow!) This in-depth consultation helps both of you understand what type of lash look the client wants to achieve. You’ll also carefully observe each client’s eye shape, so you can tailor a perfect design using our custom-built mapping system – created by our founder Kim Fernandez – to apply the correct lash products in the most appealing way. Using the most high-end lash products made only from natural mink, you’ll be offering one of our exclusive GIRLKIN Lashes “looks.”

SHOW GIRL: This is our mega volume look (think Kim Kardashian). A little important history: GIRLKIN Lashes actually brought the mega volume lash look to the East Coast. Show Girl is a very bold statement lash look. These extra thin, silky and soft lash extensions are skillfully fanned out and applied to each natural lash for an extra fluffy and super glam appeal.

GIRL CRUSH: This is a full, dark, voluminous set designed for a dramatization of the client’s natural lashes. These are STUNNING volume lash extensions which give a BOLD and SEXY appeal.

SCHOOL GIRL: These are the classic lashes. Classic lashes are designed to accentuate and extend the client’s natural lashes. Because our quality lashes are individually applied to each lash, the result is a natural and classy appeal.

GLAMOUR GIRL: This set combines both volume AND classic lash extensions. Giving the client the best of both lash styles, boasting a high glamour appeal and beauty.

Together with your client, your team will decide on the desired look. Then, using the GIRLKIN Lashes exclusive lash artistry technique learned in our comprehensive training program, your team will skillfully apply the lash extensions to create a rich appearance that eliminates the need for daily mascara application, delivering a low-maintenance beauty routine that clients fall in love with. And this keeps clients coming back for more!

Our comprehensive training will give you and your lash stylists plenty of confidence, so you can begin or continue building your local lash extension franchise business.

An Everyday Beauty Accessory

Apply. Enjoy. Repeat. That’s the beauty of this glamorous product: clients who are serious about maintaining their lash look should return for “fills” every two to three weeks. This not only creates recurring revenues for your salon, it reinforces the luxurious spa-like experience every woman craves now and then. Your clients leave feeling invigorated, refreshed and empowered.

And you will be feeling great, having delivered the ultimate in lash extension care, while pampering your customer. This is just one of the many rewards of investing in a GIRLKIN Lashes lash extension franchise!

Revenue Streams Abound

Like any salon or spa business, you’ll certainly have the revenue from individual appointments for your gorgeous services. But the revenue opportunities from your GIRLKIN Lashes lash extension franchise do not stop there:

Memberships: You’ll be offering custom memberships for every style. With memberships, customers can enjoy discounts on monthly fill-in appointments, plus retail purchases and other services. The great thing about memberships is that, as a GIRLKIN Lashes lash extension franchise owner, selling pre-paid memberships not only boosts your cash flow, but ensures that clients keep coming back at regular intervals to keep their lashes looking fabulous.

VIP members also get special treatment and access to your events, making sure you always have a group of enthusiastic followers at your special events.

Lash Maintenance Products: The cleaner the lashes, the longer they will last! Our Lash Bath is a cleanser that all clients should use, and it can be an easy upsell, along with other retail lash care products.

H2: Making Lash Stylists Feel Great, Too

GIRLKIN Lashes doesn’t just take care of our clients – we take care of our lash stylists as well, giving them tools they need to feel engaged and empowered.

Training and Certification: Stylist certification and refresher training are important ways to support and encourage the team at your GIRLKIN Lashes lash extension franchise.

Lash Products for Lash Artists: Your salon will offer lash trays, tweezers, adhesive –  everything a lash artist needs to perform your lash salon’s services. Especially appealing is our Lash Glamour Case, a $400 retail product that we provide our students in their training experience at GIRLKIN Lashes.


Think about it – your services give busy women a chance to make their everyday beauty routines more manageable, and keep them returning to your lash lounge for more. With our comprehensive training and business tools, you can manage your staff with confidence, and create wonderful  member and customer experiences, as you grow your business to its utmost potential.

The GIRLKIN Lashes experience provides a lash extension franchise opportunity like no other. When you invest in a GIRLKIN Lashes franchise, you are investing your time, money, and future into a premium, luxury brand. You’ll be proud to know you’re providing best-in-class service to your customers.

Are you a polished, passionate, high-performing professional? Are you interested in operating an exciting, luxurious business within a thriving industry segment? There has never been a better time to be part of the immense and growing beauty industry as a lash extension franchise owner with GIRLKIN Lashes. Join us!