We recently caught up with Fat Cupcakes founder Angelica Otness and franchise development coordinator Lydia Cochran to get an inside peek at the inspiration behind some of Fat Cupcake’s delectable designs, flavors and names. Here is the scoop from our interview.

You have such luscious designs and flavors. What was your inspiration behind some of your favorite or unique flavors?

Anjelica: “I’ve always loved trying new flavors! Starting when I was young, I always had a passion for creating unique and unmatched flavor profiles, which I wanted to incorporate into Fat Cupcake and the Fat Cupcake brand. We’ve seen success with pop-up flavors such as our Bubble Gum cupcake and our Lucky Charm cupcake.
“I’ve always had an eye for detail as well as the rest of our team, which allows us to come up with such fun and unique styles. We also have some of our own original styles that we frost, such as our Raspberry Rex. This frosting style is made up of a series of ruffles on top which makes it a delicious and eye-catching cupcake.”

When you decide to invest in a cake franchise with Fat Cupcake, you too will have access to exclusive original styles and unmatched flavor profiles.

Some of the names you’ve given are very whimsical. For instance, ‘The Intern.’ How did you come up with this?

Angelica: “The inspiration behind The Intern was our latte mousse. As we all know, interns are hard workers and pick up different tasks, sometimes even picking up coffee for other employees. So we thought, what better name for the latte-filled cupcake than The Intern! All of our cupcake names are inspired by the flavor combinations, or often a team member will think of a fun name for the flavor.”

Fat Cupcake is interested in finding new cake franchise owners who love the whimsy and the fun, and who will pass this exuberance and delight on to their customers.

‘The Breakup’ – is there a story behind it?

Anjelica: “No story, we just thought the name was very fitting considering the flavor was ALL chocolate. And what better way to process a breakup than to enjoy a delicious cake that will ease the heartache? We believe there is no better cure for your breakup than a Breakup cake.”

We agree! You’ve got to love a place that thinks about life’s ups and downs when creating a cake franchise with broad audience appeal!

 ‘The Proposal’ – has any customer ever orchestrated a real proposal event around this cake? Do you know the details?

Lydia: “We’ve made many cakes for guests’ proposals! We had one guest order a Proposal cake and had us write “Will You Marry Me?” on it, which was so exciting! The gentleman ordering the cake was very nervous but excited to propose in such a sweet and sincere way. We didn’t end up hearing how it all went but we believe it all went well and he got the ‘yes’ he wanted!”

Anjelica: “The name is very fitting for this cake as well, since it is a very elegant style with some beautiful swirls and then the white buttercream. It is perfect for an engagement or fit for any elegant event.”

Can you see yourself with a Fat Cupcake cake franchise, collaborating with a groom-to-be on the perfect proposal event? This is not a ho-hum business!

What influences your designs and the flavors you choose?

 Anjelica: “There are many aspects that influence our flavors or designs. Our most important influence is our customers! We always love to hear feedback about what we are doing right and what we can improve on. If there is a particular flavor we have been asked for, we take that feedback which can influence our seasonal flavors or pop-up flavors.”

Fat Cupcake bakers, decorators, and directors are always brainstorming new flavors and designs that dazzle the taste buds and inspire the eye. They also welcome and encourage their cake shop franchise owners to provide their creative product input. Because, after all, you can’t help but be inspired when you’re supported by such an exuberant team!

What are your most popular products for children?

Lydia: “We have several flavors which are very popular with kids! A couple in particular would be our Professional, which is a white cake with an Oreo baked inside and a cookies-and-cream frosting! It is very popular among kids as well as adults. We also have our classic chocolate with chocolate and vanilla with vanilla. Those flavors are also very delicious and popular among kids.”

By now, you’re probably agreeing that cupcakes are an everyday indulgence for every age, because all of these options sound delicious! But to really please the kids, there are designs like The Mermaid, Rhino the Dino and others that are topped with whimsical animal décor. These are just some of the designs that you’ll learn when you become a Fat Cupcake cake franchise owner.

What are your most popular products for adults?

Lydia: “This is a hard question to answer since all of our flavors are very popular! It really depends on personal preference. One that is a unique flavor many guests like to try and can quickly become a favorite would be our Suit and Tie. It is a chocolate and vanilla marble cake, with a sea salt buttercream on top! It’s super delicious and can satisfy both chocolate and vanilla cake lovers.”

Clearly, there is nothing bland or ordinary about this cake shop franchise! Even chocolate and vanilla get special treatment.

Can you describe for us your most fabulous custom order?

 Anjelica: “Our custom orders are fun in the fact that they are all unique and fabulous! We always enjoy seeing what our guests create with the options we have. There have been a few that have surprised us, such as a chocolate cake with lemon curd filling. Our team was intrigued by the flavor combination so of course we had to try it too!”

When you open your Fat Cupcake cake franchise business, the extensive training you’ll receive will allow you to fulfill custom orders, too!

Can you give us a sneak peek at your upcoming holiday designs and flavors?

Lydia: “We have our pies and rolls that we offer for Thanksgiving and Christmas, which we’re always very excited to offer! As far as cupcake and cake flavors, it’s a surprise — but we promise everyone will love them!”

One benefit of owning a cake franchise is that there will always be new offerings, whether seasonal or pop-up. This keeps your guests curious and intrigued and keeps them coming back to taste your delicious new combinations.

May we please have a cupcake? (We couldn’t resist asking!)

 Anjelica: “Of course! We don’t offer shipping currently but that is in the works. If you would like to connect with us to see about getting some of our cupcakes, please do. Or you can always feel free to stop by any of our three locations in Oregon to pick some up!”

Of course, everybody loves a cupcake. Once you see the stunning designs and delicious flavors, all wrapped up in real buttercream frosting, you’ll want one too!  But we want you to explore our cake franchise opportunity by considering one of our Fat Cupcake open exclusive territories available throughout the Pacific Northwest. Ready for your slice of this cake shop business? Click here.