There are few industries as connected to the empowered American woman as the beauty salon business. Those exploring beauty salon franchise opportunities will surely find a variety of options with their roots in serving a broad range of clientele, ranging from family haircuts to special occasion makeup bars. But, if you’re searching beyond those more traditional services and industry giants, you might wonder if there’s a more innovative beauty salon business opportunity for an entrepreneur to discover these days.

Happily, there is—especially if you look into the world of eyelash and brow services, and in particular GIRLKIN Lashes. For starters, lashes have blossomed into a billion dollar+ business in the United States, and the demand for strips and extensions is expected to continue to grow for years. However, there is something more than product demand to consider when it comes to trends in beauty industry franchise opportunities: the quality of the experience when choosing and receiving professional services.

GIRLKIN Lashes, where we help women embrace their own beauty one lash at a time, stands out as a beauty salon franchise for many reasons, including our luxurious environment and exclusive techniques. In this article, we are sharing three key points that help explain the attractiveness of the lash and brow services market as a franchising avenue overall, and how GIRLKIN Lashes aligns with a few special considerations by potential franchise owners.


When you think of heading to the salon for a haircut and color or mani-pedi, you probably expect to devote a few hours of your time to receiving the kind of beauty boost that a talented professional can provide. Then, it’s even more special when the vibe is one of pampering and attention—when the atmosphere sparkles and the service is first-rate. At GIRLKIN Lashes, we believe that the same should be (and can be!) true of a visit to a lash lounge.

 That’s why, unlike some other beauty salon franchises, we don’t just do lashes as an added service offered “on the side.” Because we know that lashes are a lifestyle. And we support this philosophy by creating an exceptional experience in every way for our lash-loving guests, for our expert lash artists, and for our dedicated GIRLKIN Lashes franchise owners.

 Imagine a beauty salon business model that not only specializes in premier lash and brow services, but also envelops its guests in the incredible feeling that emanates from lavish, well-appointed surroundings and high-end service… this is the GIRLKIN Lashes approach and what helps us excel when compared to any other beauty salon business opportunity. It’s easy to understand how busy, stylish women with a mindset centered on living their best life and maximizing their own personal prosperity, are attracted to the lush lash lifestyle and fabulous surroundings.

Every time our clients visit (and they visit often!), they step into a luxurious, spa-like experience where they can feel transformed. This happens not only by witnessing the results of their stunning new lash look in the mirror, but for many, they are also rejuvenated on the inside. We’re proud that the GIRLKIN Lashes brand centers on providing polish and pampering. This is a foundation of our rewarding beauty salon franchise opportunity.


As part of your facial features, it’s true that eyelashes are very small, but at GIRLKIN Lashes we know how the little things can make all the difference. So, our brand also hinges on exacting precision and personalized services. As a result, we’ve found our lash and brow services can be a way to help every woman we serve feel like a superstar at the start of each day, when she can honestly smile and say “I woke up like this!”

GIRLKIN Lashes’ exclusive technique is a key element of our service. It tailors a perfect design for each client’s unique eye shape using the custom-built mapping system conceived by founder, owner and master lash artist Kim Fernandez. By design, Kim, who first debuted her expertise in a self-created lash lounge back in 2016, has placed excellence squarely at the core of GIRLKIN Lashes’ professional lash application. Early on, she recognized the importance of a custom lash look enabled by her innovative technique, as well as the careful selection of high-quality lash products and accessories that GIRLKIN Lashes works with.

Sensing that these essentials are the building blocks for the luxury experience that guests are looking for, she consciously built this standard for precision and personalization into her beauty salon business opportunity. The team of GIRLKIN Lashes franchising experts helps deliver the training that supports this standard to all new GIRLKIN Lashes beauty franchise owners.


Our founder Kim originated a company mission that all potential GIRLKIN Lashes beauty franchise owners will want to take to heart: to provide an unmatched experience with gorgeous lashes and unbeatable customer service in a glamorously luxurious environment. Now, soaring beyond that customer-focused mission, we find another level of purpose to the GIRLKIN Lashes mission, and that is empowerment—empowering our clients, empowering our lash artists, and empowering our franchise owners.

Empowering Clients: We know the energy that comes from taking time to take care of oneself, and how tricky it can be to prioritize self-care and beautification. So, we make sure it’s worth it! Our services help simplify the everyday life of our clients by streamlining the routine of daily eye makeup application. Not to mention, a visit to one of our dazzling salons brings the power of more “me time” for our clients to refresh and put their best face forward!

Empowering Artists and Owners: Because eyes are the window to the world, our lash artists, brow stylists and salon owners are opening access to beautiful views for our clients every day. For franchise owners and those who work at our salons, we refuse to skimp on training. We fuel vibrant careers with our GIRLKIN Lashes certification process and franchise owner training, as well.

GIRLKIN Lashes debuted in 2016 and within a few short years expanded into the luxury lash lounge business and beauty salon franchise opportunity it is today. Now, with several salons across the east coast, we’re looking to connect with the right beauty salon franchise owners to bring our exclusive techniques and luxury concept to new territories now.