When researching beauty industry business opportunities, common themes around popular services tend to pop up—hair salons or make-up studios, for example. But, if you are dreaming of pursuing a fresh concept in the beauty space, an eyelash extension business plan could be added to your list of considerations.

For entrepreneurs interested in a specialty approach to providing upscale beauty services, focusing on eyes with an eyelash business can really shine. One aspect of the appeal? Certainly, there is an art to framing the eyes. There are many theories as to why long eyelashes are so important. As discussed in The Cut, long, dark eyelashes enhance a woman’s femininity and have historically been emphasized in many famous paintings like Sargent’s 1884 Portrait of Madame X and Picasso’s paintings of his lover Dora Maar.

And beyond the history of antique art, we do sense the love of lush lashes is here for the long term. The global false eyelashes market size was valued at $1.1 billion in 2018, and eyelash extensions are a trend the False Eyelashes Market Size | Global Industry Analysis Report, 2025 at has been gaining much popularity in North America.


When evaluating salon and other relevant beauty opportunities, our historical preference for the flutter of lashes helps explain how prospective owners would land on an eyelash extension business plan to help shape their entrepreneurial future. And, it’s even more remarkable when you realize you can be a part of the growing world of lash franchising, offering a first-rate luxury environment for clients to feel their best, as we are blessed to do every day at GIRLKIN Lashes!

These days, eyelash extension businesses are found in cities nationwide, with some companies operating dozens of locations. That speaks both to the popularity of these services and the decades-long trends around gorgeous, lush eyelashes. There are a variety of brands based on the type and quality of eyelash products they offer, their techniques for application, and also the level of focus on the eyelash business in comparison to other beauty services such as hair styling, nails or other basics.

That’s why potential owners will want to think about the defining factors for the type of salon environment, the artistic style or even the application method they’d love to work with in their eyelash extension business.

For instance, when the founder of GIRLKIN Lashes, Kim Fernandez, considered her first lash extension offerings, she developed a unique concept built around her “lash lounge of love,” combining high quality lash products, proprietary methods and an emphasis on each client’s experience. And that’s how the original GIRLKIN Lashes eyelash extension business plan was born!

Read on to learn how GIRLKIN Lashes helps lash franchise owners benefit from the GIRLKIN Experience, which keeps our sights turned toward our essence: Gainful, Influential, Relentless, Ladies and Keeping In Network.


The “G” in the GIRLKIN Experience stands for GAINFUL—we are prioritizing progress and building our brand for high aspirations. Our founder  has created GIRLKIN Lashes by design to empower women through beauty and business.

  • Momentum and Growth. From building a clientele of hundreds of satisfied clients in her home-based business in 2016, through to today when the GIRLKIN Lashes executive team has now built a business model full of opportunity, this eyelash extension business plan was made to support all you can gain as an owner of a GIRLKIN Lashes franchise.


The “I” in GIRLKIN stands for INFLUENTIAL. We define this as empowering women to embrace being a confident, sexy and classy lady. We want you to bat your perfect eyelashes with pride as you conquer your dreams and build your business. You’re an influencer of your own destiny.

  • Confidence shows. Imagine seeing beautiful eyes framed with lux lashes with every look in the mirror. Looking good and being ready just feel right. And trust us, it will show in how each lash client sees the world all day long. Our system keeps our lash lovers looking and feeling their best, week after week.


With GIRLKIN Lashes, “R” is for RELENTLESS. We are absolutely committed to maximizing our eyelash extension business plan and opportunity for franchise owners, and doing everything we can to perfect our relentlessly enjoyable customer experience.

  • Refined skills and tools. Our lash artists—and franchise owners—are trained by some of the best in the industry. This includes access to our exclusively created technique using a proprietary mapping system for every eye shape and size. The results truly speak for themselves and keep our lash lounge guests coming back for more.


In the very center of all that GIRLKIN Lashes stands for is “L” and that’s for our LADIES. Our clients expect the best: they believe in us as much as we believe in them. We know the sky’s the limit for a confident woman who puts her best foot forward, and invests the time and resources needed to live her best life.

  • Lash artistry and style. The GIRLKIN Experience strives for perfection; our artistic style relies on attention to detail and the ultimate in precision. We apply one lash at a time—there are no shortcuts taken, so our guests lounge in luxury while we work to achieve each show-stopping look, whether it’s classic natural, stunning volume or any of our other custom applications.


Finally, the GIRLKIN Experience culminates with Keeping In Network. Our owners, artists and clients form a network beloved to us: like-minded individuals, each with something unique to bring to the table. As we grow our business and help more people learn to build a pathway to their own futures, we make sure to keep our support, training and love flowing out into new locations and new territories.

At GIRLKIN Lashes, beautiful, personal support is an everyday perspective in our eyelash extension business. You can tap into our shared inner strength and feel the power of a supportive executive team who is ready to lead you on the road to your goals.

GIRLKIN Lashes debuted in 2016 and within a few short years expanded into the luxury lash lounge business that it is today. Now, with several salons across the east coast, we’re looking to connect with the right lash franchise owners to bring our exclusive techniques and sparkling concept to new territories now.